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Re: Canadian Carnage Robotics
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2020, 08:12:29 pm »
Its all good :)

People like you guys is why I put my thinking cap on for the last year. We had an awesome match while I was trying to make it 3 in a row for Canada and fell short so I needed to change something. I sent the bot for quite the series of plane rides to get some more run time at an event in Seattle and some more doing sumo "locally" to try a few small things and made a decent revision specifically for moto. When I'm not posting all the details anywhere before the event ya know I'm not messing around ;) I did some testing as well with some lift esc tuning and have it turned way up too so its more of a yeeter then a lifter :P Last year it was current limited to 30a at moto, ran 60a at Seattle and BotBrawl, its now at 80a and the data logs show 65a peak with some conservative testing. Thats a lot of power behind the arm. I'm sure with the weight further out (in testing it was like 27lb entirely in the forks) from the bigger bots I suspect it'll hit that current limit still. I look forward to a rematch, I'm sure I'll be fighting at least one of your entries this year.

I think the hub motor on AbsurdiTi is where it needs to be now, it feels a lot more solid and the new bars on paper should hold up well. We're a month away yet but I feel the most prepared for a Motorama yet and this is my 5th in a row (plus 2 for rc racing before that, so 7 consecutive years)
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