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Team Berlinbots - Potential Return
« on: January 24, 2016, 06:49:19 pm »
Howdy all,

It's been over a decade since I last fought, but I'm almost certainly jumping back in.  After a very successful run in my previous hobby, I've all but decided to shift my focus back to robotics at least for a while.  Being stabbed in the back will do that to you, though the shift is more about being at a point in my life where robotics works better.

My plan is to jump into CIRC this August with an ant and a beetle.  Both will be rebuilds of my bots from a while ago.  The ant will be Jack the Donkey, a simple servo-driven wedge.  I've got some unique geometry for the wedge I've been contemplating for a while now, but it will be a simple bot.

The beetle will be Deadly Green Munchkin, which I fought with in multiple tournaments.  The old version was a modified RC car, but I'm going to build the new version the right way.  It's another simple design; four large wheels, long body, spike on the front, wedge on the back.  I always enjoyed having a speedster, and that's what I'm going for again.

To that end, I'm still re-establishing a frame of reference on all the parts and specs.  Tentatively, I'm planning on using 4 Pololu 20.4:1 motors with their corresponding Dagu Wild Thumper wheels.  I'm still figuring out ESC.  I have a couple prototype BB-9's from years ago, but I don't know that they can handle the current I need.  (I slogged through my electrical engineering classes bored as heck.)  Other than that, things are still in the air.

Figured I'd introduce myself with a post.  I don't know how many folks are still around from my time.  I thought I saw Pete is still around, but I didn't recognize any other MURC guys in the little bit of reading I did.  What has the state of the hobby been the past few years?