Author Topic: Need help identifying a remote control  (Read 3202 times)


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Need help identifying a remote control
« on: January 17, 2017, 09:33:44 pm »
I am new to combat robots and am trying to help my son design and build his 1st robot.  I do not have a technical background.  I am looking for a remote that will allow us to control the weapon (rotating blade) and two wheels.  I have ESCs for each, but bought a flysky remote that seems to be designed for planes and helicopters and cannot figure out how to program it to meet our needs.  Is there a better remote for us that is easier to adapt to our needs?  Thanks.


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Re: Need help identifying a remote control
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2017, 11:34:06 pm »
I believe that the radios that you will find being used in this hobby are largely ones that were intended for flying model aircraft.  As long as you bought a decent transmitter it will probably work for your purposes, and what you are looking for at this point is channel mixing.  By default, forward and back on a stick controls one channel and left and right on the same stick controls a second channel, but you want these channels "mixed" so that pressing forward on the stick causes one channel to run forward and the other channel to run backward, so the end result is that your bot drives forward.  The first way to achieve this is to do the mixing at the transmitter end by digging into the manual for your transmitter and find how to change the settings and turn on channel mixing (sometimes called v-tail or elevon mixing).  The second way to do it is to do the mixing at the receiver end with something like this mixer that you just plug in between your receiver and ESCs to do the mixing for you.