Author Topic: MassDestruction 6: Watch City Wreckage @ Charles River Museum of Industry  (Read 1368 times)


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Because things didn't go badly last time and I can't learn from my mistakes, we'll be having our 6th MassDestruction in two years at the end of January!

The Charles River Museum of Industry has been hankering to have robots for a while and now thanks to Connecticut Yankee Screw Machine Salesman, you can display and fight your electrical toys right next to steam-powered machines that pre-date transistors! The very cool museum has dozens of antiquated but still running tools and toys from automatic scraping beds and model T's to watch lathes and ride-on trains!

We'll be coordinating via Facebook again, and expect a registration via Eventbrite to go out soon:

Spectators are as always welcome, although you will have to pay admission to the museum in the first place.

Robonerds - I should have the Eventbrite up today or tomorrow. Catagories are once again:
1lb Plastic
12lb Sportsmans
Please see NERC for generic rules (

MassD Unique Rules:
Plastic Ant: The vast majority of construction elements in your robot must be made of plastic. This goes especially for weapons and armor. Carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass are not plastics so you should not put them in your robot. 3D printing is heavily encouraged, but not required. No fiber or epoxy reinforcing allowed on prints though, or chopped-suey carbon fillament!

12lb Sportsman's: To continue to see the growth of this class, the active weapon requirement and anti-wedge clauses are once again removed. However, kinetic energy weapons are still limited and you'll totally get more points if you do have an active weapon and no wedges AND if you hastily make everything from Harbor Freight parts the night before. What good are the points? Not really much, maybe to avoid the....

Wheel of Misfortune: I'm bringing this back but better this time. If your robot is marginally overweight or somehow offeneds me, the judges, or the audience, we will make you spin the "Wheel of Misfortune".

All standard NERC rules will still apply, and we will try to have a testing box in the pits. Let's keep being safe here!

Tournament Structure:
We will once again be running our modified-Swiss style of competition, ensuring every 'bot gets to fight at least 4 times. Highest-scoring four will be entered into a short double-elimination tournament to crown our winner and King (or Queen) of Denmark!

Tournament structure is subject to change without reason, but time-permitting you will be able to fight your robot at least 4 times if it's up to the task!

Scheudle is shamlessly copied from previous events:
8:00 AM Doors open. Come in, Get check in and inspected
9:30 AM Check in for combat Ends
9:45 AM Drivers meeting and match schedules distributed
10:00 AM Round one of fights start
1:00 PM Approximate lunch break for combat
6:00 PM Approximate Semi Finals period
6:30 PM Arena break down

As always, we'd appreciate any help we can get from kind volunteers showing up the night before for arena assembly or who want to serve as judges/staff for the event! We will be sending out a volunteering form in the weeks ahead for you cool people!

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to leave them on this page, or contact EOs directly at massachusetts.destruction (at) gmail. We're really looking forward to seeing you all again!
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