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Re: New To Combatic Robots
« Reply #16 on: September 22, 2016, 07:35:42 pm »
Battery capacity is the mAH of the battery. It stands for Miliamp hours, or how many miliamps you could pull through it to fully discharge it in one hour(There's also Amp hours, which is the same thing, but uses amps instead). Of course, you'll draw a lot more current than 500 miliamps. How much capacity depends on how many amps your weapon motor needs, how many spin ups from a dead stop you'll do, and how many amps your drive motors will need. Depending on the above conditions, around 850-1000 mAH should be enough to last three minutes. Of course, more means you don't have to recharge the battery as often, the flip side is that more capacity means more weight. Of course, don't forget the C rating on the battery. Your battery needs to handle the highest current drawing component you have, most usually the weapon motor. Higher C means more current can be sourced from the battery without harm. If you draw more current than your battery can handle, you'll permanently damage the battery. The equation for finding the amounts you can pull from a battery is: amp hours multiplied by C rating(Example 1 amp hour multiplied by 30C is 30 amps).

To set up the weapon, you need to use bearings/bushings for the weapon to ride on. You need one, or else the weapon is at risk seizing on impact and the whole thing dies. Where you put it also determines what kind of shaft it is. If its in the weapon itself, its a dead shaft. If its in the structure, its a live shaft. For an offset spinner, a dead shaft is better. This instructable shows how such a design is made.

How thick your armor needs to be is simple, as thick as you can and still make weight. You do not need to make the whole structure out of one material or thickness. If its in a place an opponent can attack(Sides, rear, wheel guards), you'll want thicker. The top and bottom plate don't need as much attention. Of course, a robot with a big spinning weapon needs less armor.