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Re: Team Brain Damage
« Reply #450 on: February 11, 2020, 11:37:34 pm »
I got the bot all wrapped up today.

I ended up raising the shell 1/8". I realized that something was wrong with my thinking. I originally thought because the idler was getting murdered at Moto last year that the drag issue was caused by friction there. After thinking a little longer and watching some of my test videos I realized that the drag issue can't be from friction between the shell and the base... the drag is the wrong direction for that.  If the shell was hitting the base it would be slowly seeking the direction the shell is going. If it was just counter-inertia from moving the shell it would stop if I turn off the weapon motor.  My best guess for what was left was the shell hitting the floor and pushing the bot the opposite of the direction of the shell, because it's really pushing the floor in the direction of the shell.  So I raised the shell 1/8" and... way less drag, way better handling.  It's kinda dumb how long it took me to think of it.  The roller setup was always designed to be shim-able if I needed to, so I just installed the shim under the roller and removed the one on top of the shell.

I also made a lighter weight baseplate that will allow me to have heavier bolt-on teeth if necessary, and function as a backup if needed as well.   Tomorrow will be packing and cleanup, as well as volleyball and catching up on some chores I've been neglecting pretty hard.

Hope everybody else is coming along too!