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Team Shock (UK)
« on: January 19, 2015, 12:23:07 pm »
Hi Guys. Many of you probably won't know me but I'm Will from Team Shock in the UK. We've compete in most weight classes since 2006 with some success along the way. Currently we have 2 heavys (with a 3rd on the way, 5 feathers in various states, 3 beetles, 5 UK ants, 2 fleas and 4 nanoweights. We've won titles in all classes except beetles and have robots within the top 4 of 12 major competitions.

Here's a run down of what we currently have.

Heavyweights- Manta, Maelstrom and Shockwave

Manta and Maelstrom are FP Flippers- hardox monocoque chassis on each with Bosch 750s on the drive with custom gearboxes. Manta has a traditional rear hinge flipper with a 100mm bore, 150mm stroke ram and can easily throw a 100kg machine 6ft+ into the air.

Maelstrom has a double flipper with a 75mm bore, 150mm stroke ram- recently upgraded to have a new chassis and twin inlet valves to increase the speed of the flipper- still easily capable of flipping opponents OOTA.

Shockwave is still under construction but features a pneumatic axe with a massive 100x300 ram and an accelerating linkage.

Featherweights- Manta Jnr, Stingray, Heatwave, Aftershock and Inertia XL

Currently Heatwave is our main feather- a FP flipper with a full HDPE chassis with a 45mm bore, 60mm stroke ram with a high flow valve which gives a very decent flip. Recently ressurected after a couple of years on the sidelines and working just as well as it did when it won the Winter Tour.

Manta Jnr speaks for itself, Stingray is a hardox brick with high speed drive powered by 120w bosch motors and a chain flail tail, Aftershock is our original FP Flipper and Inertia XL is our Vertical disc spinner which came 3rd in 2011 and is currently
 being rebuilt to take to the World Championships to compete in some whiteboard fights as I will be driving Beauty 8 again.

Antweights: Inertia 2, Inertia 11, White, Red and Inversion 3


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Re: Team Shock (UK)
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2015, 07:24:52 pm »
Good looking stuff!