Author Topic: WAR- Hobby Expo 2016  (Read 1310 times)


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WAR- Hobby Expo 2016
« on: March 14, 2016, 11:04:38 pm »
WAR - Hobby Expo 2016
1,Dark Blade,ZipZap
1,Microceratops,Mr. Twister
1,Pizza Slicer,Underbyte 3.0
1,Dark Blade,Chewie
1,Antsaurus,Pizza Cutter
1,Dark Pounder,Microceratops
1,Pizza Slicer,Bit Vicious
1,Bit Vicious,ZipZap
1,Mr. Twister,Pizza Cutter
1,Underbyte 3.0,Chewie
1,Dark Blade,Antsaurus
1,Pizza Slicer,Dark Pounder
1,Microceratops,Bit Vicious
1,Mr. Twister,Underbyte 3.0
1,Dark Blade,Pizza Slicer
1,Dark Pounder,Mr. Twister
1,Microceratops,Dark Pounder
1,Microceratops,Pizza Slicer
1,Dark Blade,Microceratops
3,Red Dragon,D2
3,Zbot,Dark Soldier
3,Hawk Bot,Allosaurus
3,Blue Thunder,Debacle
3,Dark Pummeler,Red Dragon
3,Hawk Bot,Robot Fighter
3,Blue Thunder,Medow
3,Robot Fighter,Dark Soldier
3,Red Dragon,Debacle
3,Dark Pummeler,Chipload
3,Blue Thunder,Hawk Bot
3,D2,Robot Fighter
3,Red Dragon,Allosaurus
3,Blue Thunder,Dark Pummeler
3,Red Dragon,Hawk Bot
3,D2,Red Dragon
3,D2,Dark Pummeler
3,Blue Thunder,D2

1p,Black Plastic,Tron-Bot
1p,Ant1-P,Bit Malicious
1p,Black Plastic,Ramen Box
1p,Uncontrolled Flying Object,The Fez
1p,Ant1-P,Skid Mark
1p,Plastic B,Gizmo
1p,Bit Malicious,The Fez
1p,Ramen Box,Gizmo
1p,Black Plastic,Uncontrolled Flying Object
1p,Plastic B,Ant1-P
1p,Gizmo,Skid Mark
1p,Bit Malicious,Ramen Box
1p,Plastic B,Black Plastic
1p,Gizmo,Uncontrolled Flying Object
1p,Bit Malicious,Ant1-P
1p,Bit Malicious,Gizmo
1p,Bit Malicious,Black Plastic
1p,Bit Malicious,Plastic B


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Re: WAR- Hobby Expo 2016
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2016, 08:34:55 am »
Thanks, I'll give a few days for people to spot corrections (and for me to sort out adding the plastic ants to the db) then get them added to Botrank.