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NERC Franklin Institute Event 2016
« on: September 28, 2016, 11:49:10 pm »
10th Annual NERC Franklin Institute event on 10/8/16 in Philadelphia, PA.

Registrations and information here:

Full competitor details below:

Competitors arrive by 7AM
Check-in, pit table setup, safety inspections
General museum admission for spectators opens at 9:30AM
Matches will continue with no scheduled breaks until all matches are complete.
We usually finish by 5PM to 6PM, but due to the high number of entries that may be later. How much later is unknown at this time.

As a reminder at the Franklin Institute event most lithium batteries are not allowed in 12lb and 30lb bots. Only LiFe (such as A123 batteries), NIMH, or NICD batteries are allowed in 12lb and 30lb bots. Lithium Polymer (LiPo) and other lithium chemistries are only allowed in 1lb and 3lb bots. These restrictions to not apply to Motorama or other NERC events unless specified.

If your bot includes pneumatic components, email me details of the pneumatic system for review.
If you have a Sportsman class bot and you are new to competing in that class, please email me with details of the bot for review. It would be better to uncover any potential issues with the Sportsmans rules now rather than the day of the event.

Please arrive at the Franklin Institute by 7AM on 10/8.
Parking is available at the Franklin Institute parking garage which is located behind the building at the intersection of 21st Street and Winter Street.
271 North 21st Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Garage rates and vehicle size restriction information can be found here:

Entry passes to the museum are included with your registration. But you will need to pay for parking.

We will be in a different location on a different floor this year to be near the Robot Revolution exhibit.
A cart or other wheeled transport are strongly recommended since there will be a fair distance to transport your bots and equipment. From the garage, take the elevator up to the lobby of the museum. Proceed out of the elevator straight across the lobby to another elevator and take that up to the next floor. From there proceed down the ramp to the event area.

Due to the large number of competitors in a single day event we will need everyone’s cooperation to finish all matches on time. Please read the instructions below carefully as there are some departures from typical NERC event policies.
Smaller teams with only a 1lb or 3lb bot may be required to share a pit table with another team as needed. There may not be enough chairs for the large number of people attending. If you are able to, you may want to bring extra chairs with you. However there will be limited space in the pits, so there may not be room for many additional chairs.

Print and complete one of these forms for each bot you are entering and bring the forms with you to the event.

Arrive on-time and ready to go.
Ensure that your bot is 100% ready for safety inspection, weight check, and to compete when you arrive at the event. There will not be time for last minute work on your bot or to reduce weight on an over-weight bot.

There will be 3 safety stations.
Weaponless bots will be tested outside the arena with wheels up.
Weaponed 1lb and 3lb bots will be tested in a small test box.
Weaponed 12lb and 30lb bots will be tested in the main arena.
At some point we will declare a cut-off time to pass safety inspections. If your bot has not passed safety by that time it will not compete.

Please test your failsafe settings prior to the event. When testing failsafes, both drivetrain and weapon must stop when transmitter power is turned off. This is required to pass safety inspection.

Due to time constraints, there will be no postponements of matches.
We will have a very small test box for 1lb and 3lb bots where you can ensure that your small bots are functioning properly prior to your matches if needed.
If necessary 12lb and 30lb bots that need to test weapons for proper function will be allowed into the main arena for no more than 30 seconds between other matches. Note that this should take place well before your next match so that you can fix any issues.
If you are called for your match and are not ready to fight, you will forfeit your match.
If you enter the arena and your bot is partially or fully non-functional, the match will take place with your bot as-is or you will forfeit.

You will be required to line up with your bot 1 to 2 matches before your match so that we can rapidly move through matches. Be ready and pay attention to upcoming matches.

Feel free to bring your own food and drinks or visit the cafeteria. But make sure you are available for your matches.
As usual 1lb matches will be 2 minutes in duration. For this event, 3lb matches WILL also be reduced to 2 minutes. Also based on our discretion, we may change any and all further matches in any weight class to 2 minutes as needed during the course of the event.
If necessary due to time constraints, at NERC official's discretion, final matches may become single elimination. This means that if either the loser's or winner's bracket bot wins the final, that bot is declared the winner with no 2nd final match. This option will only be used if necessary due to time and will be announced prior to the start of that final match.