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Weight Verification
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:02:50 pm »
Weight Verification:
A robot may be re-weighed at any time during a tournament at the request of an event
official or judge. The time required to verify that the robot is still within the legal weight limit
will not be counted against the robots guaranteed time between matches. In the event that
the robot in question is less than 5% over the weight limit they will need to be made
underweight prior to their next match. If the robot is in excess of 5% above the weight limit
they will forfeit their prior match and will need to be made underweight prior to their next
match. If repeated infractions occur in during the same event the robot will be disqualified
from the event. If a robot has been modified since its last match the team will be responsible
for ensuring that any repairs or modifications done stay within the weight limit. In the event
that an event official calls for a re-weigh immediately following a match (prior to either robot
returning to the pit area or having any work done to them) both robots will be weighed to
confirm that they are within the weight limit. If one of the two robots is overweight it will
immediately forfeit the match. If both robots are found to be overweight the original match
result will stand and both robots will be required to be brought below the weight limit prior to
their next match.

Is it just me or are these rules full of loopholes? Why does it matter if my robot is overweight in the pits when its not fighting? How will my robot gain weight during a fight that would require a weighin immediately after?

Doesn't it make more sense to just do a weighin immediately before a match starts and then not care if the robot is overweight at any other time?


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Re: Weight Verification
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2015, 09:52:15 pm »
This is essentially clarifying that the event officials can call for a re-weigh at any time and as such the builders should be prepared for that. With many events not weighing bots prior to every fight this makes it clear to the builder that they need to ensure that their bots are within weight at all times, whether or not the specific event requires pre-match weigh ins.

It may be worth adding that robots being actively repaired/modified will only be weighed upon completion of the repairs/modifications.

The other side of it is this is explicitly calling out that it's an official or judge that calls for a weight check, not any random competitor.