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Event Results / Re: Motorama Beetles 2020
« Last post by AmbientChaos on April 23, 2020, 09:38:54 am »
Missed one:

Progress Reports / Re: Team Brain Damage
« Last post by rcjunky on March 22, 2020, 10:14:18 pm »

this was quite amusing
Progress Reports / Re: Team Brain Damage
« Last post by rcjunky on March 02, 2020, 02:08:55 am »
Nothing worse then going to a once a year event and getting almost no data on what you need to improve. I guess this means you've got time to work on magneto for franklin/moto ;) All that said, that Crimson Snow fight was spectacular while you were spinning.
Progress Reports / Re: Team Brain Damage
« Last post by zacodonnell on March 01, 2020, 02:47:20 pm »
Pretty "meh" showing at Moto this year for Hyperpolarized.  The first fight was awesome, but one of the huge impacts damaged my weapon controller internally, which caused it to fail intermittently. This meant I thought it was working against Marathon, but it failed to start 5/6 tries.

I spent most of the day Saturday troubleshooting the intermittent controller issue, including doing some load testing in the pit without the shell that I think damaged my weapon belt. The weapon belt gave up the ghost in my third fight against Crmison Snow, but survived long enough for me to get the win.

My fourth fight was against Jamison with MegatRON. I can barely beat him on a good day, and with the issues I was having up to this point I doubted this was going to be one of those. I was right - further weapon belt issues caused the weapon to die after he bashed me into the wall for a minute or so and I tapped out.

In my last fight I faced Emulsifier. If the bot was working 100% I think I had a shot at him, though he had the thing super dialed in this year.  Unfortunately I only had the one spare belt, and I had just killed it against Megatron so no spin means no win for me. KO after the first hit when I landed upside down. 

I'm pretty sure the belt issues were because the drawing I used to replace that frame rail included the wrong spacing for the weapon motor. I fixed it manually last year by remaking the part, but apparently even though I thought I updated the drawing I had not. That meant extra slack (about .040" to short on the center distance!) and that meant dead belts when I smack stuff hard enough. Naturally my spin tests at home couldn't show that problem. I'll need a more thorough testing mechanism.

Videos are here:

I think I basically have to fix a little damage from the Emulsifier hit and maybe grind/rework the teeth a little from accumulated wear, and fix the belt thing and I'm back in business. Alas, another year to wait...

Event Results / Motorama 2020: Fairys,Ants,Hobbys,Feathers and Sportsman
« Last post by Green machines on February 29, 2020, 10:51:05 am »
Motorama 2020

0,Speed Wedge UK,Plan Z
0,Tribble,Watermelon Sugar
0,Demise,Dinky Dozer
0,Scoop,Jousting Mailbox
0,Baby Spinster,Africa By Toto
0,Speed Wedge UK,Gimli
0,Dinky Dozer,Watermelon Sugar
0,Scooter,Jousting Mailbox
0,Speed Wedge UK,Baby Spinster
0,Scoop,Plan Z
0,Dinky Dozer,Africa By Toto
0,Gimli,Dinky Dozer
0,Tribble,Baby Spinster
0,Demise,Speed Wedge UK
0,IntensiTi,Speed Wedge UK

1,Fearless Leader,Tiny Dicer
1,Happy Gnome,Big Bert
1,Midas,Angry Little Mother
1,Shenzhou,Graveyard Baby
1,Physique Black,Rocky
1,The Highlander,General Spinster
1,Swamp Woman 2,Devil Bringer 2.0 DMC
1,Speed Wedge 1,All Defense
1,Slim Pickens,Swype
1,Tubey Or Not Tubey,Slipstream
1,AbsurdiTi,Last Minute Larry
1,First Strike,Claire Redfield
1,Low Blow,Wedgie McWedgeface
1,Vile Ant,Cosmic Chaos
1,Mini Rampage,Drill Sergeant
1,Trash Panda,Indecisive Identity
1,Happy Gnome,Fearless Leader
1,Tiny Dicer,Big Bert
1,Angry Little Mother,Graveyard Baby
1,Physique Black,Turbine
1,Swamp Woman 2,The Highlander
1,Slim Pickens,Speed Wedge 1
1,Tubey Or Not Tubey,FireArrow
1,AbsurdiTi,First Strike
1,Slipstream,Tiny Dicer
1,Mini Rampage,Trash Panda
1,Happy Gnome,Midas
1,Last Minute Larry,Claire Redfield
1,Cosmic Chaos,Wedgie McWedgeface
1,Indecisive Identity,Drill Sergeant
1,Shenzhou,Fearless Leader
1,Devil Bringer 2.0 DMC,General Spinster
1,All Defense,Swype
1,FireArrow,Last Minute Larry
1,Speed Wedge 1,Cosmic Chaos
1,The Highlander,Indecisive Identity
1,Devil Bringer 2.0 DMC,Trash Panda
1,All Defense,Vile Ant
1,Slipstream,First Strike
1,Physique Black,Swamp Woman 2
1,Slim Pickens,Tubey Or Not Tubey
1,AbsurdiTi,Low Blow
1,Happy Gnome,Mini Rampage
1,FireArrow,Speed Wedge 1
1,Devil Bringer 2.0 DMC,Rocky
1,Slipstream,All Defense
1,FireArrow,Mini Rampage
1,Low Blow,The Highlander
1,Tubey Or Not Tubey,Devil Bringer 2.0 DMC
1,Slipstream,Swamp Woman 2
1,Slim Pickens,Physique Black
1,AbsurdiTi,Happy Grome
1,Low Blow,FireArrow
1,Slipstream,Tubey Or Not Tubey
1,Low Blow,Physique Black
1,Slipstream,Happy Gnome
1,Slim Pickens,AbsurdiTi
1,Low Blow,Slipstream
1,AbsurdiTi,Low Blow
1,Slim Pickens,AbsurdiTi

12,Isotelus Rex,Apachi
12,Draconid,Off Ramp
12,Slapshot,SPECIES 8472
12,Hubris,Mach 1
12,Drunken Peasant,Magnum
12,Zer0-12,First Contact
12,Not Disko,Minor Threat 4
12,Night Crawler,Falafel King
12,Kobayashi Maru,Abnormal Shock
12,Isotelus Rex,Speed Bump
12,Drunken Peasant,Hubris
12,Odin,Off Ramp
12,SPECIES 8472,Samurai
12,Magnum,Mach 1
12,First Contact,Apachi
12,Odin,Minor Threat 4
12,SPECIES 8472,Falafel King
12,Abnormal Shock,Magnum
12,Not Disko,Zer0-12
12,Kobayashi Maru,Night Crawler
12,Isotelus Rex,His-N-Hers
12,Slapshot,Drunken Peasant
12,Speed Bump,Draconid
12,Odin,First Contact
12,Abnormal Shock,SPECIES 8472
12,Night Crawler,Speed Bump
12,Drunken Peasant,Odin
12,His-N-Hers,Abnormal Shock
12,Not Disko,Kobayashi Maru
12,Isotelus Rex,Slapshot
12,Night Crawler,Vili
12,Drunken Peasant,His-N-Hers
12,Slapshot,Night Crawler
12,Drunken Peasant,Kobayashi Maru
12,Not Disko,Isotelus Rex
12,Drunken Peasant,Slapshot
12,Drunken Peasant,Isotelus Rex
12,Not Disko,Drunken Peasant

30,Knock Off White,Botceps
30,Round House,Huge
30,Impact,Wing Attack Plan R
30,MegatRON,Kit-D-Cat Reborn
30,Cross Hit,Knockout
30,Mircoswitch,The Pile
30,Crimson Snow,Nevermore
30,Marathon,5 Lights
30,Hyperpolarized,Rum Ham XXX
30,Boomerang,Other Disko
30,Whale Sloth,Cultivator
30,Round House,Knock Off White
30,Cross Hit,Emulsifier
30,Crimson Snow,Microswitch
30,Kit-D-Cat Reborn,Wing Attack Plan R
30,5 Lights,Rum Ham XXX
30,Kit-D-Cat Reborn,Other Disko
30,Knock Off White,5 Lights
30,Boomerang,Whale Sloth
30,Round House,POOP!
30,MegatRON,Cross Hit
30,Hyperpolarized,Crimson Snow
30,Cultivator,Kit-D-Cat Reborn
30,Knock Off White,Nevermore
30,Marathon,Whale Sloth
30,Crimson Snow,Cultivator
30,Knock Off White,Cross Hit
30,Round House,Boomerang
30,Knock Off White,Crimson Snow
30,Knock Off White,Boomerang
30,MegatRON,Round House
30,Emulsifier,Knock Off White
30,Emulsifier,Round House

30s,Humphrey Hugabear,Atlatl
30s,Roger Lord Mortimer,Reciprocating Motion
30s,Scuttlebot,Wedding Gift
30s,Flip Special,Spyro
30s,Llama Sheen,Steel Stacker
30s,Major Axe E. Dent,Conduit
30s,Special Delivery,Pitter Patter
30s,Buzzkill,Humphrey Hugabear
30s,Scuttlebot,Roger Lord Mortimer
30s,Flip Special,Stuber
30s,Ralph,Steel Stacker
30s,Wedding Gift,Conduit
30s,Llama Sheen,Lockout
30s,Aeriform,Major Axe E. Dent
30s,Special Delivery,Buzzkill
30s,Flip Special,Scuttlebot
30s,Pitter Patter,Humphrey Hugabear
30s,Roger Lord Mortimer,Stuber
30s,Wedding Gift,BEEESS??
30s,Major Axe E. Dent,Pitter Patter
30s,Roger Lord Mortimer,Lockout
30s,Buzzkill,Wedding Gift
30s,Aeriform,Llama Sheen
30s,Flip Special,Special Delivery
30s,Roger Lord Mortimer,Major Axe E. Dent
30s,Roger Lord Mortimer,Special Delivery
30s,Llama Sheen,Ralph
30s,Aeriform,Flip Special
30s,Llama Sheen,Roger Lord Mortimer
30s,Llama Sheen,Flip Special
30s,Aeriform,Llama Sheen

Event Results / Motorama Beetles 2020
« Last post by irobotchuck on February 27, 2020, 10:00:56 pm »
Motorama 2020
3,Squishy,Steam Roll
3,Victor,Z Offset
3,Boop the Snoot,Voxel
3,Divison,Silent Stopper
3,Cyclone,Storm Fly
3,Thunder Child,Wedge of Allegiance
3,MomBot,Nitro Hornet
3,LDB,Top Kill
3,Spooki,Off Track
3,Talos,The Black Knight
3,Barbi,Pipe Bomb
3,Spinni-Boi,UnderDoge aka "I don't know"
3,Shreddit Bro,Zero
3,Cold Front,Perri
3,Silent Spring,The Lid
3,Billy,Go Up
3,Unknown Avenger,Sauci
3,WETA,Physique Whack
3,Lynx,Blunt Force Trama
3,Last Resort,Mr. Slant
3,This Robot is Also the Cuban,Mouser Mini Mecha Cat Bot
3,Portable Apocalypse,Rickety Cricket
3,Boop the Snoot,Victor
3,So Rachet,Division
3,Shreddit Bro,Spinni-Boi
3,Unknown Avenger,Kelpie
3,This Robot is Also the Cuban,Last Resort
3,Silent Spring,Cold Front
3,Voxel,Z offset
3,Silent Stopper,Little Blue Donkey
3,Wedge of Allegiance,Nitro Hornet
3,Telefrag,The Black Knight
3,UnderDoge aka "I don't know",Zero
3,The Lid,Perri
3,Go Up,Protostorm
3,Hell Bot,Sauci
3,Physique Whack,Blunt Force Truama
3,Mr. Slant,Mouser Mini Mecha Cat Bot
3,Off Track,Top Kill
3,Silent Stopper,Gnomenjaeger
3,Lynx,Steam Roll
3,Spooki,UnderDoge aka "I don't know"
3,Mombot,The Lid
3,Cy-Clone,Go Up
3,Hell Bot,Victor
3,Off Track,Spinni-Boi
3,Mr Slant,Rickety Cricket
3,Physique Whack,Huski
3,Wedge of Allegiance,Cold Front
3,Squishy,Portable Apocalypse
3,Boop the Snoot,So Rachet
3,Spitfire,Thunder Child
3,Shreddit Bro,Regret
3,Silent Spring,Hibachi
3,Unknown Avenger,BDE
3,Weta,This Robot is Also the Cuban
3,Lynx,Last Resort
3,Voxel,Silent Stopper
3,Off Track,TELEFRAG
3,Billy,Wedge of Allegiance
3,Physique Whack,Mr. Slant
3,Thunder Child,Voxel
3,Portable Apocalypse,Off Track
3,This Robot is Also the Cuban,Talos
3,Billy,So Rachet
3,Physique Whack,Regret
3,Boop the Snoot,Squishy
3,Shreddit Bro,Silent Spring
3,Unknown Avenger,WETA GoUT
3,Thunder Child,Lynx
3,Billy,Portable Apocalypse
3,BDE,This Robot is Also the Cuban
3,Physique Whack,Hellbot
3,Thunder Child,Silent Spring
3,Physique Whack,Scrappy
3,Unknown Avenger,Shreddit Bro
3,Spitfire,Boop the Snoot
3,Squishy,Physique Whack
3,WETA,Thunder Child
3,Spitfire,Unknown Avenger
3,Squishy,Shreddit Bro
3,WETA,Boop the Snoot
3,Unknown Avenger,Squishy
3,Unknown Avenger,Spitfire
3,Unknown Avenger,Spitfire
Progress Reports / Re: Canadian Carnage Robotics
« Last post by rcjunky on February 13, 2020, 12:04:20 am »
Everthing is packed, hitting the road in the morning, everyone have a safe trip and see ya at the farm show complex.
Progress Reports / Re: Team Brain Damage
« Last post by zacodonnell on February 11, 2020, 11:37:34 pm »
I got the bot all wrapped up today.

I ended up raising the shell 1/8". I realized that something was wrong with my thinking. I originally thought because the idler was getting murdered at Moto last year that the drag issue was caused by friction there. After thinking a little longer and watching some of my test videos I realized that the drag issue can't be from friction between the shell and the base... the drag is the wrong direction for that.  If the shell was hitting the base it would be slowly seeking the direction the shell is going. If it was just counter-inertia from moving the shell it would stop if I turn off the weapon motor.  My best guess for what was left was the shell hitting the floor and pushing the bot the opposite of the direction of the shell, because it's really pushing the floor in the direction of the shell.  So I raised the shell 1/8" and... way less drag, way better handling.  It's kinda dumb how long it took me to think of it.  The roller setup was always designed to be shim-able if I needed to, so I just installed the shim under the roller and removed the one on top of the shell.

I also made a lighter weight baseplate that will allow me to have heavier bolt-on teeth if necessary, and function as a backup if needed as well.   Tomorrow will be packing and cleanup, as well as volleyball and catching up on some chores I've been neglecting pretty hard.

Hope everybody else is coming along too!
Progress Reports / Re: Team Brain Damage
« Last post by rcjunky on February 10, 2020, 02:28:09 pm »
Looks like the public version is available (and installing now) but not the test version (which is fine by me)

Sounds like you have everything pretty sorted out from what you learned last year, I look forward to seeing how the bracket treats you this year. I've always got a soft spot for shell spinners
Progress Reports / Re: Team Brain Damage
« Last post by zacodonnell on February 10, 2020, 07:02:13 am »
Oops, the app should be available in Canada now.  I originally just listed it in the US so that I didn't have to spend a bunch of time dealing with GDPR stuff, but of course there is a large Canadian Contingent invading from the north as well.

The solid UHMW roller with the aluminum hub continues to be a good solution. I did another test with a harder powered roller yesterday to see if it would slip instead of burning up if there was more resistance spinning up the shell than expected. I think this is what cost me the last two fights at moto last year. The first time I think one of the top screws dropped through the shell and bridged the gap with a hole in the mid plate, and the second time I think it was the scum of the first roller getting bound up in the crappy idler. Now I've fixed the idler and the top plate screw issue, but if something does bind up I'd rather the wheel slip than just get completely burned up.

I made spare rollers, teeth, drive controllers, weapon controller, and a weapon motor last night. I also started the painting train. All that's left is final assembly, weight check, and packing

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