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Questions / Antweight drive system help
« Last post by minorthreat on Today at 04:23:17 pm »
I am designing by first 1lb antweight robot, and I could use some advice.
I plan to use the pololu 30T track set, two fingertech goldspark motors 50:1 ratio, and a 3 cell/11.1 V lipo battery
I was calculating speed and pushing power, and I am not sure if they are reasonable values for the weight class or if I did them right. All the values are from the product description pages.

Speed: 9100 max rpm X 1/50 gear ratio X 1min/60sec X 4.838in/rev X 1 foot/inch = 1.2 feet/sec

Max pushing force [oz] = stall torque [oz-in] X .5 (estimate for max torque) X wheel radius [in]
           =.64 oz-in X .5 X .77in X 1lb/16oz = .0154lb pushing force (not good!)

Another option I was thinking of is using fingertech silver spark motors. Would those be overkill for the weight class or even viable with a 3 cell/11.1 battery? Are there any other important factors or calculations I should be looking at for the drive?
I know i
Event Results / Robot Rebellion 2.1
« Last post by Richard@Thoughtgarage on April 24, 2018, 04:53:40 pm »
0,Purple Lotus,Thunder Wedge
0,Speed Wedge UK,Wedgey
0,George Wedge-ington,Time Of Death
0,Speed Wedge UK,Purple Lotus
0,George Wedge-ington,Nevermore
0,Thunder Wedge,Wedgey
0,Slapstick,Time Of Death
0,Nevermore,Thunder Wedge
0,Purple Lotus,Slapstick
0,Purple Lotus,Nevermore
0,Speed Wedge UK,Purple Lotus
0,George Wedge-ington,Speed Wedge UK
0,Speed Wedge UK,George Wedge-ington
0,Speed Wedge UK,George Wedge-ington
1,The tickle monster,Juggernaut
1,Physique Black,C-Thru-P-O
1,Chooch,The tickle monster
1,Physique Black,Twilite
1,C-Thru-P-O,The tickle monster
1,Chooch,Physique Black
1,Physique Black,C-Thru-P-O
1,Physique Black,Chooch
1,Physique Black,Chooch
3,RaidZero,So Much For Subtlety
3,Just Another Victim,Apparatus
3,RaidZero,Just Another Victim
3,Mombot,So Much For Subtlety
3,Apparatus,Just Another Victim
General Robotics Discussion / Re: Off-the-shelf insect weight blades
« Last post by tomchaps on April 20, 2018, 07:01:06 pm »
That's exactly what we did in our last bot--which we ended up calling "Darth Dado". I picked up a dado set at a garage sale, and the Fingertech clamp hub worked great with it.

Now, the set screw turned out to be an issue, but the weapon blade was great!

Progress Reports / Re: New to Combat Robotics
« Last post by Testing2001 on April 14, 2018, 05:35:21 pm »
I have gathered some resources that you may be interested in.

First, you will need to know what rules you have to follow. Many competitions use the SPARC ruleset.

Next, you may need inspiration. I have found a few guides/inspiration that may help you decide what works for you.

Now, I will just post links to websites you may purchase parts for.

A great resource to use is Ask Aaron. Just be sure to check the archives before asking a question.
SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / Re: New to Combat Robotics
« Last post by Goodzikc on April 04, 2018, 04:09:46 pm »
i actually had no idea we had a fingertech in the city thanks for the info!
SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / Re: New to Combat Robotics
« Last post by Darkwynter9 on April 04, 2018, 01:26:35 pm »
Aluminum is generally used as an ablative armor, so it performs the same function as UHMW. If you wanted something that would deflect hits to cover the UHMW, titanium or hardened steel are probably better. There really isn't much need for that, though. Many of us just use UHMW as armor on its own.

If you want to go with a UHMW unibody you'll need to know how to use a CAD program like Fusion, Inventor, or SolidWorks. If you have a CAD program and can design the chassis, I can help you with the rest. Saskatoon TechWorks has a CNC machine that does a great job on UHMW, and it's free for members to use. I'm a member there, so I can help you design toolpaths and learn how to operate the machine. If you want to pass on CAD for now and design on paper, then you'll probably want to go with a bolt together frame rather than unibody. I use a bolted together UHMW chassis for one of my 3lb drum spinners and a bolted together aluminum chassis for the other two.

For the drum, Sgt. Cuddles uses a direct drive drum, which is probably not something you'd want to make on your own for your first bot. Kitbots sells an off the shelf direct drive drum that's probably an easier solution. They also provide a chassis and internal parts for it if you want to start competing before finishing your first original design. FingerTech Robotics is another option. They sell a belt drive beater bar and all the accessories you'd need to get it running. And they're conveniently located in Saskatoon so you don't even have to pay shipping.
SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / Re: New to Combat Robotics
« Last post by Goodzikc on April 03, 2018, 07:41:40 pm »
yea saskatoon. havent been able to get a job because its been really tight but am hoping i can by may
SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / Re: New to Combat Robotics
« Last post by GuavaMoment on April 03, 2018, 07:33:38 pm »
Are you in Saskatoon? If so then Lee Valley is your easiest stop for UHMW.
SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / Re: New to Combat Robotics
« Last post by Goodzikc on April 03, 2018, 06:41:18 pm »
yea one problem is that i dont know where to get uhmw and also i have no way to machine it( best case scenario was going to ask if i could use someone elses) with your idea in mind i had the idea of possibly the uhmw and for extra armour (sgt cuddles is 1lb) screwing aluminum plates into side and top to create a "case" and the uhmw is good for shock obsorbtion aswell
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