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Progress Reports / Re: Twisted Sick Robotics
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:53:21 am »
I have a couple, It was originally built as a full body spinner platform but the shell never came together for it.

Progress Reports / Twisted Sick Robotics
« on: January 27, 2015, 10:13:02 pm »
Well looks like I'm here now too. So let's recap some bots in no real order

Fangus and its many versions:

very first bot, had some good ideas but poor execution

second attempt at fangus, got a lot better. Brushless was a big plus but there was still a lot of poor execution like wire ties holding on the top plate. don't do this.   

now we are getting somewhere, much better frame design. Real tool steel for the weapon. first real success was with this bot

this one was a step in both directions some things were improved on and some this were made worse. the weapon for example was stressing the steels weakest orientation.

This guy on the other hand was ten giant steps in the right direction. great frame, very solid weapon,  extremely light shuffling system. great bot all-round 

so good I made a Ti version

next bot to talk about is Szalor:

first build, never made weight really, fought in one rumble then was rebuilt

very solid bot this, weapon didn't have much mass but the bot was a good work horse. never really won any comps but was great to fight and never really got busted up to bad.

updated rebuild with some minor improvements. did about as well as the old version.

Ripto and it's many versions:

first version, how it was meant to be

how it actually was. this was my first shuffle bot. made in a last minute effort to make weight. best thing I ever did

My first attempt at a beetle. some poor design choices, like the three tooth disc made from ti. but it did alright in the end.

and this was when I started to get serious. I had some access to some real machines and was becoming a much better designer.

some minor improvements here, wedge angles and extra support of the outer rails.

stepping up to the 12s now. a little to solidly built, the shock from hit breaks it's own motors. working on that now.

and full circle back to the ants. got to finally try out the tank track belting. works great until someone hits you


a wonderfully dumb drum build, very fun bot. needs a rebuild


Fist real attempt at a fairyweight. should have stopped with it really. most successful fairy I've ever built.

v2 trying out 3d printing frames with mixed results.

Dick Dastardly:

the double D was build with longevity in mind and has been standing the test of time very well.


Holy crap what a fun bot. built as a joke with old servos it managed a moto 2nd


It was really cool, up until it exploded.


fast and dirty mantis build for bot blast. never really got any good fights out of it due to speed controller issues.

Miss Fortune:

I bought Misfortune from Australia half built with all the parts and finished it. it's slight name change is a simple pun that I enjoy.


a semi quick build that made for a very cool bot.

v2 fixed some of it's problems but it still couldn't self-right properly which led to the loop of shame.


goofy little undercutter, worked very well though


uber compact beetle. what a pain it was to change batteries


neat little undercutter built for my cousin to drive

Lady bug:

one day build, mini servo make shitty drives

well that looks like most everything, I will be adding general progress as it happens from now on.


Progress Reports / Re: Team Brain Damage
« on: January 27, 2015, 10:43:48 am »
Just make a loop of shame. They work, mostly.

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