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Progress Reports / Re: Team Slaughterhouse
« on: March 01, 2015, 10:59:48 pm »
Lessons learned from Moto for the Projects:

-Don't do a victory gyro dance until after the match is officially over.
-0.08" Ti is thicker than needed for the wedge.
-Most horizontal spinners hit the blade before the pulley.
-Replace the shaft in the weapon motor with one without a slot for a ring. (I broke one motor shaft.)
-Loctite the hubs to the shafts. (One wheel fell off when turning. I think the setscrew came loose.)
-Use smaller tires than 2-1/4". (I think I was overloading the motors at 14.8V + 2-1/4" wheels. The pinions in the gearboxes stripped in Speed Wedge 3 (3) and Project Excelsior (1).)
-Fully heatshrink each drive ESC away from the other. I fried two vextrollers in Project Darkness when the outputs touched each other.
-Glue down the wires going to the weapon motor controller. (The weapon died in one match by sucking in the positive wire.)
-I plan to extend the sides to cover the drive wheels in the rebuild.
-My highest battery consumption in a match was 335 mah.
-The weapon free spins at 5.4 A with crunchy bearings, and full throttle with a locked blade does 22.5 A. The belt smokes and shoots out black crap when you lock the blade and spin the motor.
-This battery would fit better and is slightly cheaper.
-Having 6 batteries per bot was wonderful in the antweight class. Having one per bot for the Project beetles, sucked.
-I had two batteries for Speed Wedge 3. I would have preferred 3.
-Bring a proper soldering station which gets up to temp quickly.
-Put new drive motors in whenever possible.
-Bring more bearings & find cheaper bearings. Replace when possible. The bearings do still run when crunchy.
-3/8" UHMW was cut about 1/4" deep by the horizontal spinners.

Progress Reports / Team Slaughterhouse
« on: March 01, 2015, 10:58:11 pm »
Current Bots:

Physique Red
Physique Black

Speed Wedge 3
Project Darkness
Project Excelsior

Progress Reports / Re: Near Chaos Robotics
« on: March 01, 2015, 10:56:21 pm »
How did the bearings hold up? I used the 1/2" OD version in the ants and they went crunchy after 3 matches. I used the non-flanged version of those in the beetles, and they went crunchy at 5 matches but are still spinning fine just noisy.

Other notes:

-If the drill has a clutch, you will need to replace three or four of the balls with set screws. I remember 10-24's being the right size.

-You can order prestripped motors and gearboxes from or other drill parts sellers. Just remember to order as many as you think you will need because sometimes replacement parts are discontinued.

-Pete sells hubs for mounting the gearboxes to Colson 7/8" wide wheels. If you want to make your own hub, I think the OD required for the hub is 0.610" and the thread of the shaft is 3-8"-24.

-The mount is a little funky. If you file off the little nub, it becomes far easier to mount. The clutch plate makes a great stencil for the mounting hole.

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