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Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:27:42 pm »
I'm a fan of the 1 on 1 format, just think its interesting nothing else has really taken off.

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: June 29, 2017, 01:28:49 pm »
Thanks Zac,

We would love to join BotBlast this year, but without the required preparation time it would just be throwing in last years beat up bots. Not to mention because we didn't get in soon enough, we now have other commitments. Due to the cost and time it takes, we really need to start designing/building/testing as soon as possible (you know how it goes) after registering. When it turns into a competition just to register for the competition, it takes a lot of the desire out of it.

I know it's easy to sit here and throw ideas out, when I'm not the one running the events, but with my experience I feel we need to be more strict about the time. We all want everyone to get in the arena, but everyone has equal time to be ready BEFORE the event. Often events start late, and that pushes everything back. I think we are simply being TOO nice. If you're not through safety.... Sorry, come again next time.

It's been 13 years since my first event, and for the most part the format has not changed. 2 bots in, 1 bot out, repeat. I am thrilled with the amount of attention the sport is getting, but if the events don't evolve, newcomers are not going to be able to participate, and it will go back to being a "underground" event after a couple years.

We'll continue keeping our eyes on everything (including this site), seeing how everything progresses. But for now, we are out. Not going to stress and fight for a spot, and/or pickup a late dropout spot with little preparation.

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: June 29, 2017, 11:08:19 am »
Fellow builders; we have an announcement.

Due to the state the sport is in right now, we will no longer be building or competing. This is due to event registrations filling up in a matter of hours. Until organizers can figure out a way to deal with the higher volume of bots, we are done. The final nail in the coffin was Franklin's registration, however the bigger blow was BotBlast. We literally live 10 mins from the venue and registration filled up so fast, that we missed it.

This sport can be expensive and time consuming, we commit to an event once we are registered. However, if we can't register for an event, then there is nothing to commit to.

We feel people get wind that registration is open, and only those that are super-active on social media get in. Then they may simply register placeholder bots because they know how hard it is to get registered, thus compounding the issue.

Enough of my rant.

We wish you all the best! Stay safe!
Maybe we'll see you all again in the future if things change.

Progress Reports / Re: Mutually Assured Destruction
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:16:35 am »
"my main concern is making sure the electronics don't get sucked into the weapon motor."

That happened to Scorpius at Moto this past event! Those next 2 hours of rebuild sucked!

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: February 28, 2017, 10:34:31 am »
Well, time for the Moto post event update I suppose.

In short:

Aries performed much better than in past events going 3-2. However, this was likely the last event for Aries as the drum broke. Last match, we had to rig a wedge attachment together.

Gemini performed much better than the last design iteration that used the foam wheels. Very happy to be back with the banebots wheels. However, it still only managed a disappointing 3-2. I say disappointing because the first loss against Hard Drive 2.0, really confuses me how we lost that match? But crap happens.

Scorpius FINALLY seemed dangerous! It managed to finish 5-2, with both losses courtesy of Project Darkness. The first loss we hit weapon to weapon, which bent our blade just enough that when it finished its rotation, it flexed into the bottom of the electronics bay severing all of the PWM wires and damaging the receiver. We were then sitting ducks. Ian came in for the kill shot and finished blowing Scorpius apart. From there it was a long rebuild process with spare/scrap parts. For the second match up we added a spacer under the blade to help avoid what happened the first time, however in doing so, the belt was on a slight angle. After running the blade for a little bit, the belt flange broke off the pulley and allowed the belt to slide off the pulley, no more weapon.

Now for the videos.

(1lb) Aries vs Odium (Motorama 2017)

(1lb) Aries vs The Cuban (Motorama 2017)

(1lb) Aries vs Fire Arrow (Motorama 2017)

(1lb) Ignatz vs Aries (Motorama 2017)

(1lb) Passive Aggressive vs Aries (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Hard Drive 2.0 vs Gemini (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Gemini vs Standi (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Gemini vs Mondo Bizarro (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Gemini vs Mr. Killjoy (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Speed Wedge 3 vs Gemini (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Scorpius vs Dat Boi (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Project Darkness vs Scorpius - 1st Fight (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Scorpius vs Envious Poison (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Scorpius vs Hailstone (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Scorpius vs Deadpan (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Scorpius vs Bagel Beast (Motorama 2017)

(3lb) Project Darkness vs Scorpius - 2nd Fight (Motorama 2017)

General Robotics Discussion / Re: My robot CAD: ConunDrum
« on: February 27, 2017, 02:06:40 pm »
How will the weapon motor transmit power to the drum?

To be clear, what will the robot weigh?

Progress Reports / Re: Revelation Robotics
« on: February 15, 2017, 02:42:12 pm »
I would imagine it would depend more on the amount of current you are pulling through it.


Current Ratings (using 16-gauge wire):
Rated Current: 40A
Burst: 100A for 10 seconds

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:41:44 am »
Thanks Zac!

The LEDs are actually a LOT brighter than what you would imagine. That photo was taken in a well lit room, the camera makes the rest of the room look dark though. For $16 I'd suggest giving them a try. The LED pack comes with over 16ft, I only used about 10ft. I also installed them horizontally so it was more of an ambient light, if you used all 16ft and mounted them pointing down, they may just meet your needs.

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: February 07, 2017, 09:06:03 am »
Thought I'd share a quick update on the workbench/test box.

I installed some $16 lighting in the box, and now it feels legit!

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: February 03, 2017, 01:13:23 pm »
1/8" 4130.

Earlier versions Gemini used the typical Ti wedge design, but didn't care for the durability.

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: February 03, 2017, 11:24:56 am »
When she said it, I was like, "but then I lose storage space". But the more I thought about it made complete sense as I was still adding storage space from what we had before, plus a work surface. And I don't need to store the test box anywhere. So far it's working out VERY nice!! I strongly encourage everyone to have a test box, and this option makes it super simple!!

Well we have Scorpius & Aries done, minus wheel guards and swapping out some of the old parts with new ones.

Started taking Gemini apart last night and took some tear down pics.

Decided to weigh the wedges just to see how much weight is tied up in them. I was shocked, as I never weighed just the wedges before.
I forget who took the chunk out of the green wedge @ FI. But that wedge will be retired, and kept as a backup. Might look at getting these hardened for future events!

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: January 30, 2017, 10:58:34 am »
This weekend we hit the pause button on Bot building to focus on cleaning and organizing the basement (which also happens to be the workshop as well).

In doing so, we made room for a much needed workbench extension. I also wanted to build a small test box. Kelley said, "why not build it into the workbench?"
So that's what we did!

Plywood walls and 1/4" Polycarb front & door.
Now it just needs some lighting.

It's a little small at 26" x 42", but having this makes me feel MUCH safer and happier as now we can actually do some real testing, not just drive testing.

Registration deadlines?
Max number of registered Bots?

Progress Reports / Re: Team AstroBot
« on: January 16, 2017, 09:37:41 am »
Basically 1 month to go!! This is going to be intense!

Latest version of Scorpius when it was on the printer. I'm excited to see how this version turns out!!

Nearly done with the slight revisions to Aries.

Gemini, is still waiting on parts to come in before we get a good jump on it.

Questions / Re: EM rules question
« on: December 29, 2016, 08:48:45 am »
Glad most of my materials are aluminum & plastic!  ;)

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