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Event Results / Kilobots XL
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:01:03 pm »
Kilobots XL
1, Steamed Hams, The Snip
1, AbsurdiTi, Tiger Shark
1, Speed Wedge 1, The Minions
1, Blue Steel, Mega London
1, Metroid, MangoMinute
1, Pushy Wushy, Number 2
1, Chomper, Super Nintendo Chalmers
1, Steamed Hams, FireAnt
1, The Minions, Tiger Shark
1, Mega London, MangoMinute
1, Metroid, Blue Steel
1, Speed Wedge 1, AbsurdiTi
1, Number 2, Super Nintendo Chalmers
1, Pushy Wushy, Chomper
1, Blue Steel, The Minions
1, AbsurdiTi, Mega London
1, The Snip, Chomper
1, FireAnt, Number 2
1, Steamed Hams, Speed Wedge 1
1, Metroid, Pushy Wushy
1, Blue Steel, The Snip
1, Metroid, Steamed Hams
1, Pushy Wushy, Blue Steel
1, FireAnt, AbsurdiTi
1, Speed Wedge 1, FireAnt
1, Speed Wedge 1, Pushy Wushy
1, Speed Wedge 1, Steamed Hams
1, Speed Wedge 1, Metroid
1, Metroid, Speed Wedge 1
1, Dizzy Demise, Rainbow Barf
1, Treadnought, Cupcake
1, Cookie, Chop
1, Goldrush, Spin
1, Chop, Rainbow Barf
1, Spin, Cupcake
1, Cookie, Dizzy Demise
1, Chop, Treadnought
1, Spin, Dizzy Demise
1, Chop, Spin
1, Goldrush, Cookie
1, Chop, Cookie
1, Goldrush, Chop
3, NightWing, DK Jr.
3, Limblifter, Mega Don G
3, Low Blow, Maul
3, The Butcher, Dempsey Roll
3, Wilson, Dr. Horrible
3, InsaniTi, Hoot
3, Unknown Avenger, Excalibur
3, Excalibur, DK Jr.
3, Utopia, Low Blow
3, Reckoning, Limblifter
3, Wilson, The Butcher
3, Unknown Avenger, InsaniTi
3, Excalibur, Hoot
3, Dr. Horrible, Dempsey Roll
3, Mega Don G, NightWing
3, Reckoning, Utopia
3, Unknown Avenger, Wilson
3, InsaniTi, Dr. Horrible
3, Low Blow, Mega Don G
3, Reckoning, Unknown Avenger
3, InsaniTi, Excalibur
3, Limblifter, Low Blow
3, Utopia, InsaniTi
3, Wilson, Limblifter
3, Utopia, Wilson
3, Unknown Avenger, Utopia
3, Reckoning, Unknown Avenger
0, Nibbles, Stumpy Unleashed
0, Scoop, Beaky
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Derpy Dozer
0, Troubleshooter, IntensiTi
0, Beaky, Stumpy Unleashed
0, Derpy Dozer, IntensiTi
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Troubleshooter
0, Scoop, Nibbles
0, Beaky, Troubleshooter
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Scoop
0, Derpy Dozer, Beaky
0, Derpy Dozer, Scoop
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Derpy Dozer

It's that time of year again! September 15-16 is the 2018 Canadian National Championship! This will be the 40th Kilobots Combat Robot Tournament hosted by the SCRC Kilobots (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) and takes place at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo - over 16,000 attendees there for costumes, celebrities, comics, sci-fi, gaming and Kilobots!
Test your mettle (and metal!) against the best 150g, 1lb and 3lb robots in Canada and see if you can get your name engraved on the Kilobots Cups.  There are still a few registration spots open!

Are there Prizes? Why yes!!
Big Blue Saw - $330 in gift certificates,
Robot MarketPlace - $330 in gift certificates,
Pololu Robotics and Electronics - $660 in parts,
Equals Zero Designs - TWO Brushless RageBridge ESCs valued at $395,
ServoCity - $330 worth of robot parts,
FingerTech Robotics - $250 in gift certificates plus multicolored light-up acrylic trophies.
Plus all attending teams get free SCRC merchandise!

The full event will be televised by a professional film crew and also streamed worldwide over!
Tune in September 15-16, 2018
Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Event Results / Kilobots XXXVII
« on: October 02, 2017, 06:40:10 pm »
Kilobots XXXVII
1, Tiger Shark, Bing Bang (Boom)
1, Mulletron, The Minions
1, FireAnt, Mega Looon
1, Blue Steel, Mega London
1, Chomper, Ting Tang
1, √v wedge 1, Odium
1, Iron Infidel, All Defense
1, AbsurdiTi, Mack
1, Metroid, Mulletron
1, Tiger Shark, Parallelobot
1, FireAnt, Sam
1, Mack, Mega Looon
1, Mulletron, Bing Bang (Boom)
1, The Minions, Parallelobot
1, AbsurdiTi, Blue Steel
1, Chomper, Tiger Shark
1, Iron Infidel, FireAnt
1, Metroid, √v wedge 1
1, Odium, Mulletron
1, All Defense, Sam
1, The Minions, Ting Tang
1, Mack, Mega London
1, AbsurdiTi, Chomper
1, Metroid, Iron Infidel
1, √v wedge 1, All Defense
1, Blue Steel, The Minions
1, Mack, Tiger Shark
1, Odium, FireAnt
1, Metroid, AbsurdiTi
1, Blue Steel, Mack
1, √v wedge 1, Odium
1, Iron Infidel, Blue Steel
1, √v wedge 1, Chomper
1, √v wedge 1, Iron Infidel
1, AbsurdiTi, √v wedge 1
1, Metroid, AbsurdiTi
1, DERP bot, Cookie
1, Chop, Sawful
1, Mini Turtle, Spin
1, Lift, Cupcake
1, Chopper, Mini Turtle
1, Dizzy Demise, Chop
1, DERP bot, Rainbow Barf
1, Cupcake, Sawful
1, Mini Turtle, Cookie
1, Spin, Rainbow Barf
1, Lift, Chopper
1, DERP bot, Dizzy Demise
1, Spin, Dizzy Demise
1, DERP bot, Lift
1, Cupcake, Mini Turtle
1, Chopper, Cupcake
1, Chopper, Spin
1, Chopper, Lift
1, DERP bot, Chopper
3, Utopia, InsaniTi
3, Broadside, The Butcher
3, Scary Thing, Mega Don G
3, Utopia, Launchpad
3, Scary Thing, Bloodless
3, Dr. Horrible, Icky Mouse
3, Dr. Horrible, Super Shooter McGavin
3, Launchpad, Animus
3, Killer Turtle, Unknown Avenger
3, Utopia, Broadside
3, Launchpad, The Butcher
3, Launchpad, Unknown Avenger
3, Utopia, Killer Turtle
3, Scary Thing, Dr. Horrible
3, Super Shooter McGavin, Mega Don G
3, InsaniTi, Bloodless
3, Broadside, Launchpad
3, Utopia, Scary Thing
3, Super Shooter McGavin, InsaniTi
3, Broadside, Dr. Horrible
3, Killer Turtle, Super Shooter McGavin
3, Killer Turtle, Broadside
3, Killer Turtle, Scary Thing
3, Utopia, Killer Turtle
0, The Grate Gatsby, Stumpy Unleashed
0, Derpy Dozer, Pissed Off Unicorn
0, Troubleshooter, Scoop
0, Beaky, Nibbles
0, Mandy Bulls, Mr. Do
0, The Grate Gatsby, Cracker Jack
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Scoop
0, Troubleshooter, Derpy Dozer
0, Beaky, Rev
0, Mr. Do, Cracker Jack
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Rev
0, Nibbles, Derpy Dozer
0, Troubleshooter, The Grate Gatsby
0, Beaky, Mandy Bulls
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Stumpy Unleashed
0, Mr. Do, Nibbles
0, Troubleshooter, Beaky
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Mandy Bulls
0, Mr. Do, The Grate Gatsby
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Mr. Do
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Beaky
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Troubleshooter
0, Pissed Off Unicorn, Troubleshooter

Costumes, comics, sci-fi, gaming and Kilobots!  With over 16,000 attendees, the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo is the perfect venue for us to host the Canadian National Championship.  September 16-17 is expected to have over 50 Antweight, Beetleweight, and (the new-to-us) Fleaweight robots fighting it out for prizes and glory!

Register at

Event Results / Kilobots XXXVI
« on: June 21, 2017, 04:11:09 pm »
Kilobots XXXVI
0, Grater Good, Chicken Little
0, TeeBeeDee, Pumpkin Queen
0, Mr. Do, Mouseketeer
0, Grater Good, Cracker Jack
0, Chicken Little, Mouseketeer
0, Pumpkin Queen, Cracker Jack
0, TroubleShooter, Grater Good
0, Mr. Do, TeeBeeDee
0, TroubleShooter, Mr. Do
0, Chicken Little, TeeBeeDee
0, Pumpkin Queen, Grater Good
0, Chicken Little, Pumpkin Queen
0, Mr. Do, Chicken Little
0, TroubleShooter, Mr. Do
1, Taku, FireAnt
1, Tasmanian Devil, Spin
1, Iron Lotus, Mega Looon
1, Tiger Shark, Parallelobot
1, Kitty Shark, Mulletron
1, Mega London, The Monster That Ate Everybody
1, DERP bot, Lift
1, Cupcake, Chop
1, FireAnt, Spin
1, Tasmanian Devil, Taku
1, Kitty Shark, Mr. Plow
1, Mega London, Kitbot
1, Metroid, Iron Lotus
1, Tiger Shark, KillJoy
1, Chop, Lift
1, Cupcake, DERP bot
1, Kitbot, Mega Looon
1, Parallelobot, Mr. Plow
1, Mulletron, KillJoy
1, Taku, Chop
1, FireAnt, DERP bot
1, Cupcake, Tasmanian Devil
1, Kitbot, Parallelobot
1, Mulletron, The Monster That Ate Everybody
1, Metroid, Tiger Shark
1, FireAnt, Taku
1, Mulletron, Tiger Shark
1, Mega London, Kitbot
1, Metroid, Kitty Shark
1, FireAnt, Tasmanian Devil
1, Mega London, Mulletron
1, FireAnt, Cupcake
1, FireAnt, Cupcake
1, Metroid, Mega London
3, Sentinel, Utopia
3, Black Adder, HyperSchlock
3, Mamba, Scary Thing
3, Halo, The Butcher
3, Black Adder, Sentinel
3, Mamba, Halo
3, Utopia, Halo
3, Utopia, The Butcher
3, Utopia, Black Adder
3, Utopia, Mamba
3, Utopia, Mamba

SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / SCRC Arena Upgrades 2017
« on: June 21, 2017, 01:14:09 am »
Here is the list and discussion for upgrades we would like to do this year.

Numbered so we can easily refer to items.
1. Four TVs on top of the arena for displaying schedule, brackets, and highlight videos. [Travis has 1]
2. Double-stack the sponsor signs so we can fit the TVs up there. [Kurtis]
3. A 2ft metal post/stand that raises the spinning red light above the sponsor signs. [Travis]
4. A new control box that can run fights independently of a laptop (but can still take laptop inputs, etc).
5. New arena lights - 12V RGB LED strips that can be controlled via control box.  Possibly individually addressable.
6. Audio system with cues from the control box
7. Run permanent ready/tap out cables inside frame with connectors on the end.
8. Replace inner lexan walls (maybe just the broken side? Or all?)
9. Repaint everything again because slushy salty January events are the devil.  Get a paint shop to prep it properly!
10. New hazard heads, embiggen or harden the shafts (one is currently bent)
11. Hazard motors run from ESCs
12. New 12V battery (42Ah) and charger
13. Door lock interrupts so the control box can disable hazards and not start fights until locked.
14. Quick-release locking pins for doors [Test Travis's]
15. Ref controlled count-out trigger
16. Stainless steel floor? (Wouldn't need to be repainted as oftne)
17. 3 judging tablets/phones, tied into the laptop software.
18. Audio recordings of the announcer and inside arena (camera sound is not good)

Anything missing?  New ideas are welcome!
Let's work out the logistics - what needs to get started right away, when people are available, etc.  Starting with what needs to be done before the parade (August 8th)?

Event Results / Kilobots XXVIII
« on: February 03, 2017, 05:12:32 pm »
Kilobots XXVIII
1,Metroid,Tiger Shark
1,Zim,Kitty Shark
1,The Balsa Clad Monster,Lift
1,The Balsa Clad Monster,Shooter McGavin
1,Zim,The Balsa Clad Monster
1,Lift,Shooter McGavin
1,Spin,Tiger Shark
1,Lift,Kitty Shark
1,The Balsa Clad Monster,Lift
1,Chomper,The Balsa Clad Monster
3,The Beeeeeeeeee,Utopia
3,Kitcola,Shark Beetle
3,Broadside,The Beeeeeeeeee
3,Broadside,Shark Beetle
3,The Beeeeeeeeee,Utopia
3,The Beeeeeeeeee,Broadside
3,Kitcola,The Beeeeeeeeee

Event Results / Kilobots II
« on: February 03, 2017, 04:40:53 pm »
Kilobots II
1kg,Wedgie,Shwing & Shwang
1kg,Johnson,Rink Rat
1kg,Scarab,Flip Out
1kg,Guava Movement,Bad Mojo
1kg,The Balsa Clad Monster,Robopope
1kg,Swiss Chef,P.O.S.
1kg,Rink Rat,Shwing & Shwang
1kg,Flip Out,Bad Mojo
1kg,Guava Movement,Scarab
1kg,Swiss Chef,The Balsa Clad Monster
1kg,Rink Rat,Johnson
1kg,Flip Out,The Balsa Clad Monster
1kg,Rink Rat,Flip Out
1kg,Wedgie,Guava Movement
1kg,Rink Rat,Scarab
1kg,Wedgie,Swiss Chef
1kg,Guava Movement,Rink Rat
1kg,Wedgie,Guava Movement

Event Results / Kilobots III
« on: February 03, 2017, 04:31:37 pm »
Kilobots III
1kg,Just In Case,Johnson
1kg,Crescent Bot,Zadok Destroyer
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,Guava Puree
1kg,Alphbot II,The Steel Clad Monster
1kg,Dual Do-alls of Doom,Flip Out
1kg,Dexy's Midnight Runner,Wedgie
1kg,Old Ironsides,Raptor
1kg,Guava Movement 2,Swiss Chef
1kg,Electric Lettuce,Just In Case
1kg,Crescent Bot,Mourning Star
1kg,Bebop Bot,Rink Rat's Revenge
1kg,Dual Do-alls of Doom,Alphabot II
1kg,Guava Movement 2,Old Ironsides
1kg,Crescent Bot,Electric Lettuce
1kg,Dual Do-alls of Doom,Bebop Bot
1kg,Dual Do-alls of Doom,Crescent Bot
1kg,Dual Do-alls of Doom,Guava Movement 2
1kg,The Steel Clad Monster,Flip Out
1kg,Raptor,Swiss Chef
1kg,Old Ironsides,Johnson
1kg,Alphabot II,Guava Puree
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,The Steel Clad Monster
1kg,Just In Case,Raptor
1kg,Old Ironsides,Zadok Destroyer
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,Alphabot II
1kg,Wedgie,Just In Case
1kg,Old Ironsides,Dexy's Midnight Runner
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,Bebop Bot
1kg,Wedgie,Electric Lettuce
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,Old Ironsides
1kg,Wedgie,Crescent Bot
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,Wedgie
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,Dual Do-alls of Doom
1kg,Rink Rat's Revenge,Dual Do-alls of Doom

Event Results / Kilobots IV
« on: February 02, 2017, 12:01:06 am »
Kilobots IV
1kg,Deathbot,Just In Case
1kg,Mowbot,Englebot Humperdink
1kg,Botweiler,Alphabot II
1kg,Swiss Chef,Rink Rat
1kg,Old Ironsides,Justasaw
1kg,Venom,Hell's Angle
1kg,Swiss Chef,Botweiler
1kg,Wedgie,Old Ironsides
1kg,Swiss Chef,Deathbot
1kg,Swiss Chef,Wedgie
1kg,Just In Case,Englebot Humperdink
1kg,Rink Rat,Alphabot II
1kg,Just In Case,Old Ironsides
1kg,Hell's Angle,Mowbot
1kg,Rink Rat,Just In Case
1kg,Hell's Angle,Botweiler
1kg,Venom,Rink Rat
1kg,Hell's Angle,Deathbot
1kg,Hell's Angle,Venom
1kg,Hell's Angle,Wedgie
1kg,Hell's Angle,Swiss Chef
1kg,Hell's Angle,Swiss Chef

Event Results / Kilobots V
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:50:47 pm »
Kilobots V
1kg,Hell's Angle,Electric Lettuce
1kg,3D,My Precious
1kg,Guava Movement v3.1,Cow Catcher
1kg,Swiss Chef,Drago
1kg,Hellrazer,2 Guava
1kg,Shrieker,Dexy's Midnight Runner v2.0
1kg,Hell's Angle,RoadBug
1kg,Guava Movement 3.1,Swiss Chef
1kg,Shrieker,Shwing & Shwag
1kg,Wedgie,Hell's Angle
1kg,Johnson,Guava Movement 3.1
1kg,Electric Lettuce,Mowbot
1kg,Venom,My Precious
1kg,Cow Catcher,Drago
1kg,RoadBug,Electric Lettuce
1kg,Swiss Chef,Cow Catcher
1kg,Dexy's Midnight Runner,Shwing & Shwang
1kg,Botweiler,Swiss Chef
1kg,Dexy's Midnight Runner,2 Guava
1kg,3D,Hell's Angle
1kg,Botweiler,Guava Movement 3.1
1kg,Shrieker,Dexy's Midnight Runner

Event Results / Kilobots VI
« on: February 01, 2017, 11:39:22 pm »
Kilobots VI
1kg,Hell's Angle,Dexy
1kg,Ironsides,Swiss Chef
1kg,TK-421,Uncle Fester
1kg,Just In Case,Catastrophic Failure
1kg,Botweiler,Don Vito
1kg,Wedgie,Guava Movement
1kg,Roadbug,What's a Wedgie
1kg,Johnson UNM,My Precious
1kg,Electric Lettuce,Alphabot
1kg,Ironsides,Hell's Angle
1kg,TK-421,Just In Case
1kg,3D,Johnson UNM
1kg,Electric Lettuce,3D
1kg,Ironsides,Electric Lettuce
1kg,Uncle Fester,Catastrophic Failure
1kg,Guava Movement,Don Vito
1kg,Deathbot,What's A Wedgie
1kg,Hellrazer,My Precious
1kg,Swiss Chef,Hell's Angle
1kg,Uncle Fester,Just In Case
1kg,Wedgie,Guava Movement
1kg,Swiss Chef,Uncle Fester
1kg,Swiss Chef,TK-421
1kg,Wedgie,Swiss Chef
1kg,Wedgie,Electric Lettuce

Event Results / Kilobots XXXV
« on: January 24, 2017, 04:37:59 pm »
1,Killjoy,Autistic Wall-E
1,Captain Craptacular,Lift
1,Chop,Scout Bot
1,Mega London,Pinky
1,Kitbot,Tiger Shark
1,Mr. Plow,Killer Lotus
1,Mack,Hammer Shark
1,Killjoy,Master Beater
1,Yarosloski,Captain Craptacular
1,Hammer Shark,Killer Lotus
1,Pinky,Tiger Shark
1,Mack,Mr. Plow
1,Kitbot,Mega London
1,Scout Bot,Lift
1,Darknut,Master Beater
1,Captain Craptacular,Autistic Wall-E
1,Mr. Plow,Pinky
1,Scout Bot,Darknut
1,Yarosloski,Captain Craptacular
1,Mega London,Mr. Plow
1,Scout Bot,Chop
1,Mack,Mega London
1,Scout Bot,Yarosloski
1,Shadow,Scout Bot
3,Mamba,Scary Thing
3,Killer Turtle,Sentinel
3,Scary Thing,NightWing
3,Mamba,Killer Turtle
3,Excalibur,Killer Turtle

This year's winter event is being held January 21st, just outside of Saskatoon at the Warman Legends Centre. We are happy to welcome Warman High School's "Robotics 20" and "Robotics 30" students!
The school will also be putting on a Junkyard Robotics competition that involves racing blimps made from recycled parts!

This will be a single-day event so bring all your spare parts!

When: January 21, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Where: Warman Legends Centre Arena
701 Centennial Blvd, Warman, SK.

Register at:
Registration closes and Payment is due on January 7, 2017.

Event Results / Kilobots XXXIV
« on: September 23, 2016, 11:39:02 pm »
Kilobots XXXIV
1,Kitbot,Hammer Shark
1,Mega London,Triple Dirty Sanchez
1,Tiger Shark,Death by Spatula
1,The Monster That Ate Everybody,Minor Apocalypse
1,Metroid,Killer Lotus
1,Electric Uncle Sam,Jon Bovi
1,Pinky,Beginner's Luck
1,Tiger Shark,Just-A-Wedge
1,Stinkoman K,The Monster That Ate Everybody
1,Muad'Dib,Mr. Plow
1,Triple Dirty Sanchez,Zim
1,Death by Spatula,The Monster That Ate Everybody
1,Just-A-Wedge,Minor Apocalypse
1,Killer Lotus,ˇPushinator!
1,Beginner's Luck,Spin
1,Kitbot,Electric Uncle Sam
1,Stinkoman K,Psychomauler
1,Triple Dirty Sanchez,Death by Spatula
1,Chomper,Hammer Shark
1,Mr. Plow,Chomper
1,Killer Lotus,Jon Bovi
1,Kitbot,Tiger Shark
1,Triple Dirty Sanchez,Muad'Dib
1,Lift,Beginner's Luck
1,Mr. Plow,Psychomauler
1,Killer Lotus,Mega London
1,Spin,Beginner's Luck
1,Triple Dirty Sanchez,Mr. Plow
1,Just-A-Wedge,Electric Uncle Sam
1,Tiger Shark,Triple Dirty Sanchez
1,Lift,Beginner's Luck
1,Killer Lotus,Stinkoman K
1,Killer Lotus,Tiger Shark
1,Killer Lotus,Kitbot
1,Killer Lotus,Metroid
1,Killer Lotus,Metroid

3,Shark Beetle,Final Boss
3,Black Adder,Scary Thing
3,Excalibur,The Black Hole
3,Final Boss,LowBlow
3,Black Adder,Panic Attack
3,Better Idea,Liger Shark
3,Utopia,Pinky and The Brain
3,Black Adder,Chaos Theory
3,Steam Punk,Sentinel
3,King of P'Taq,Better Idea
3,Panic Attack,Final Boss
3,The Black Hole,Better Idea
3,Liger Shark,Zuul
3,Utopia,Shark Beetle
3,Scary Thing,Black Adder
3,King of P'Taq,Steam Punk
3,The Black Hole,Sentinel
3,Pinky and The Brain,Panic Attack
3,Broadside,Liger Shark
3,Scary Thing,King of P'Taq
3,Black Adder,The Black Hole
3,Launchpad,Pinky and The Brain
3,Black Adder,LowBlow
3,Scary Thing,Utopia
3,Black Adder,Excalibur
3,Black Adder,Broadside
3,Black Adder,Utopia

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