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Progress Reports / Lucas's bots
« on: February 18, 2015, 01:07:32 am »
I've been meaning to put this up for a while, so here it is.
The first bot I worked on was a 15 pound wedge called Fer 'Merica.
I don't have many pictures of it, but here's a video of a rumble at the 2013 NRL nationals; it was one of the first times I drove, since technically it wasn't my bot (We do this through our school, Proctor High School, so it's kinda weird sometimes), even though I did nearly all the work on it.
All of the bots in that fight were either Proctor's or a Proctor graduate's bot.
I've still got one of the wedges, here's where it took a few hits.

The next year, we decided to retire GTO and G6, the two beater bots in that video.
I set out to make a new one, and started with this guy, which I called Uprising.

This year, I drew up Minor Threat, another 15 pounder beater bot, but a lot better thought out this time.

1/8" TI armor all around, sliding wedges, 4 wheel drive, and a 6" diameter weapon.
I completed an early version with steel armor and no weapon a while back, here's a picture of it with Proctor's other bots for this year lined up. Weapon is one of the ones off of GTO just for mock up purposes.

Here's the electronics, but mostly, a look at the armor.
Wiring is nasty because it's from last years bot and I haven't bothered to clean it up for the shorter distances on this bot.

These are the new Ti armor pieces, before I milled them to the exact sizes and hole locations, and the weapon, also rough cut on a waterjet.

Here's the weapon mounts and weapon motor.

Cross brace, slots into the weapon mounts, bolts to the bottom, armor, and top plates.

I've done some more work since these pictures, I finished the wheel mounts and a new top plate, and I'm starting to countersink the Ti, but I burnt up my last shitty countersink, so I'm waiting on some nice ones.

Event Videos / MRL February 2015
« on: February 08, 2015, 01:11:12 pm »
Some videos the Uppercut team has up of the fights from yesterday, the first fight against Wedgey is ridiculous.
First Wedgey vs UC4 fight.
UC4 vs Reburn, Reburn still has trouble keeping the weapon going, unfortunately.
Second Wedgey vs UC4 fight.

That particular blade was 4130 at 35 or 40 HRC. It lost that other smaller support during the fight and I think someone grabbed it as a souvenir.

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