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Progress Reports / Nova Robots: common thread
« on: July 08, 2018, 02:51:33 pm »
So I'm finally done for now messing with my CNC mill project. Which means its time for robot updates!!

First on the docket is an update to Mr Slant. Mr. Slant kept shredding belts at Bot Blast last year but I didn't want to switch to a timing belt because that would be too easy. Also the inside of Mr. Slant is an absolute mess and making a fancy hub motor would let me clean everything up. So off to hobbyking I went to pickout some suitable motors
 I ended up picking:

Its 46mm OD was basically perfect for the space I had and it let me keep my blade height unchanged.

I laid out the assembly in solidworks

The assembly relies heavily on press fits. I was pleasantly surprised the mill is accurate enough where all the press fits seemed to work out fine.

So I clamped the prototype into the mill vise (because this blade scares the crap out of me), hooked the motor up to the chassis of Mr. Slant V1 laid a big sheet of polycarb between me and it and let it rip.

I spun it up several more times and even with the the alligator clip connections it seemed quite happy.

Next step is to modify the chassis and see if it can handle some hits.

NERC (Northeast Robotics Club) / Moto '16
« on: November 03, 2015, 05:33:10 am »
New Moto Message

Greetings all,
Its that time of year again. Motorama '16 registration is now open . I will be handling registration again this year so please direct any reg questions to me first. Moto will have the same format as last year with fairies, ants, beetles, hobbies, 30s, sportsman and Bots IQ 15lb classes.

REGISTRATION: Closes 12/23/15
Simply put if I have not received your paperwork and payment by then I cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to compete and you may face penalties.

To register to fight you will need to complete the following paperwork:
NERC Liability Form

Motorama Release Form (this form should not be mailed to me it should be brought with you, with 1 form for each robot)

CRITICAL REMINDER: For participants under the age of 18 the Motorama liability form must be Notarized or your registration will not be approved.

Registration also requires the following fees:
Fairies - $22
Ants - $22
Beetles - $33
12s - $45
15s - $45
30s - $60
sportsman - $60
Parking costs an additional $20
additional pit passes $40 each

Same rules as last year:
One bot per class gets you one pass.
One bot and 2 crew members only gets you only one pass.
Two bots and 2 crew members gets you two passes.
3 bots and 3 crew members gets you only two passes.

Checks should be made out to: Northeast Robotics Club
Paypal payment should be made out to: robotconflict at

All paper work should be mailed to me:

James Iocca
20 Berkley Dr.
Yardley PA

If you need to contact me please do so through the nerc facebook, nerc forum or through my email:
ioccajr at

So this is my first gentle reminder. Send in your paper work as soon as possible or suffer me sending you repeated annoying database emails.


Progress Reports / Novarobots: Iron golem 30lb Sportsman
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:54:56 am »
So I'm finally building a new robot. Due to my new time/money constraints I tried a number of new things with this robot. First and foremost this robot is my love letter to electric hammers. A few years ago I wrote a spreadsheet that allows me to calculate the effectiveness of electric hammer robots. The calculations determine output power and how much the robot jumps. I used videos of Mangi to calibrate the equations and Mike Jefferies used the spreadsheet to estimate the hammer pod on the new Nyx. In both cases the results were accurate enough for me. 

This robot uses and EV warrior at 18:1 with a ~1.5lb hammer to generate nearly 300 joules.  I'm hoping that's enough. The EV warrior should be maxing out RPMS right around 180 degrees of swing so I cant really get much more power out of it without increasing the weight which is always a deal breaker in robots.

The EV warrior is controlled by a OSMC driven by an Arduino interface. I have the interface working but my planned automatic trigger wont be done in time for motorama. Unless a miracle happens. I'm using the OSMC for several reasons. First its cheap. Second I wanted to understand more about speed controllers and this was a good way to do it. Third I wanted to do an arduino project and since the OSMC needs an interface between the H-bridge driver and the RC receiver this was a good opportunity.

The battery packs were another new thing for me. I could not find a supplier for A123 battery packs so my only option was to make my own. After several misfires with underpowered soldering irons I purchased a 100w weller stained glass iron. This does the job easily.

More on this as I continue work. I am updating with pictures in this Imgur album.

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