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Progress Reports / Canadian Carnage Robotics
« on: February 21, 2019, 02:43:30 am »
After taking with the resident sparc forum master (Zac) at Moto I have figured out how to post pics in a convenient way to share them here for those not on facebook. I'm a big fan of embedded pics on forums and it is in fact possible. I figured I'd try to give a bit of a recap of my 30sc I just finished for motorama 2019, and a bit of a summary on the other bots to start things off.

We'll start with the current fleet and go from there.

First off my 150g fairy, IntensiTi. This all started as a way to get a pit pass for Robogames 2018 to help with running Lucky/Ziggy. This all fell through for a few reasons including school and Battlebots s3, but ended up completing it for the SCRC Canadian Nationals in September 2018. As a machinist by trade this was my silent protest against 3d printing more or less. I set out to make an all machined 150g bot that uses real hardware to bolt it all together. With the exception of glueing in the drive motors this kept true to the completion.

It runs a 1407 2700kv motor direct drive in the weapon, 30:1 botbitz drive motors, botbitz power switch, tiny esc's on drive, RotorX 30a esc all powered by a custom 2s 240mah battery. The red screws are all aluminum, the chassis is 7075 aluminum, 0.5mm ti top plate and front armor, 1mm ti bulkheads, wheels are 27.5mm slot car wheels. I have about 10 hours in to the pair of chassis I made so I can see why clicking print on a 3d printer has its place in this class.

Mostly complete cad including the Minor Threat disk profile. Originally was going to use the Fingertech profile since it also looks pretty cool.

Chassis getting the final edm cut done removing the chassis from the material used to hold the part

The bare chassis after 3 set ups on a mill and another on a wire edm machine. Not a simple part for sure.

Early test fit of the electronics, its all very snug. You'll see a 10a esc in there in this pic, but hard issues with brown outs with the high current draw weapon.

This is the disk before heat treat and wire edm cutting. Adding the step to make it easier to assemble adds a lot of work to the part. Its only so the disk is flush with the motor can when centered between the weapon bulkheads

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