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SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / Parade Plans
« on: July 25, 2017, 03:16:55 pm »
I double-checked and we have been accepted for the parade this year. (2017)

The parade is Tuesday Aug 8th.  Registration is 7:30-9:00am.  We MUST be registered by 9, so I guess that means we shouldn't just show up at 8:55.  The parade actually starts at 10am.

Our tow vehicle MUST be decorated.  Do we want to make bows out of caution tape again?  Buy some metallic poofy flowers?   "Decorated means flowers, balloons, artificial skirting, etc. -- not vehicle decals"

Bring your own water. 

Who is in this year?  Do we have any large drivable bots that can follow behind the arena?  Will someone build an angle grinder to block of flint bot to make sparks?

SCRC (Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club) / Non-wheeled rule 5.1.2
« on: August 18, 2015, 01:08:40 am »
Before I go to a lot of effort building a 2lb walker, I would like to confirm that this method of mobility would fall under rule 5.1.2 Non-wheeled and get the 100% weight bonus:

In a resting position, the bot has two "legs" in contact with the floor at four points.  The back leg tilts the entire bot left and right.  The front leg tilts with the bot and only one side of it remains in contact with the floor.  The front leg has rubber feet and pivots in order to drag the bot forward. (or push it backward)  The rear leg then tilts the bot the other way, and the front leg pivots back, completing one walk cycle.  By adjusting the gait, I am able to cause the bot to trend left or right. 

There are NO rolling elements in contact with the arena floor.  There are no continuous motion motors involved in the motion of the bot.  (aside from the incidental gyroscopic precession of any spinning weapon)  The motion is entirely caused by two servos which pivot back and forth in the proper pattern.

See the proof-of-concept in action here:

Is this good?

I am willing to have the discussion of whether this will qualify as a rookie or as a masters, but after we answer this first question first.

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