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Event Results / Re: New Class of Bots
« on: March 14, 2016, 11:18:05 pm »
The ruleset is evolving quickly, but at the moment- weapon and chassis are plastic. Allowed materials for those components are ABS, PLA, PET and PETG. Other printing materials are being considered. There has been much debate whether printed parts only are allowed, or also fabricated parts from the materials. At the moment, both are allowed. The bot cannot have metal reinforcements. A reasonable quantity of screws are permitted in the chassis.

Event Results / WAR- Hobby Expo 2016
« on: March 14, 2016, 11:04:38 pm »
WAR - Hobby Expo 2016
1,Dark Blade,ZipZap
1,Microceratops,Mr. Twister
1,Pizza Slicer,Underbyte 3.0
1,Dark Blade,Chewie
1,Antsaurus,Pizza Cutter
1,Dark Pounder,Microceratops
1,Pizza Slicer,Bit Vicious
1,Bit Vicious,ZipZap
1,Mr. Twister,Pizza Cutter
1,Underbyte 3.0,Chewie
1,Dark Blade,Antsaurus
1,Pizza Slicer,Dark Pounder
1,Microceratops,Bit Vicious
1,Mr. Twister,Underbyte 3.0
1,Dark Blade,Pizza Slicer
1,Dark Pounder,Mr. Twister
1,Microceratops,Dark Pounder
1,Microceratops,Pizza Slicer
1,Dark Blade,Microceratops
3,Red Dragon,D2
3,Zbot,Dark Soldier
3,Hawk Bot,Allosaurus
3,Blue Thunder,Debacle
3,Dark Pummeler,Red Dragon
3,Hawk Bot,Robot Fighter
3,Blue Thunder,Medow
3,Robot Fighter,Dark Soldier
3,Red Dragon,Debacle
3,Dark Pummeler,Chipload
3,Blue Thunder,Hawk Bot
3,D2,Robot Fighter
3,Red Dragon,Allosaurus
3,Blue Thunder,Dark Pummeler
3,Red Dragon,Hawk Bot
3,D2,Red Dragon
3,D2,Dark Pummeler
3,Blue Thunder,D2

1p,Black Plastic,Tron-Bot
1p,Ant1-P,Bit Malicious
1p,Black Plastic,Ramen Box
1p,Uncontrolled Flying Object,The Fez
1p,Ant1-P,Skid Mark
1p,Plastic B,Gizmo
1p,Bit Malicious,The Fez
1p,Ramen Box,Gizmo
1p,Black Plastic,Uncontrolled Flying Object
1p,Plastic B,Ant1-P
1p,Gizmo,Skid Mark
1p,Bit Malicious,Ramen Box
1p,Plastic B,Black Plastic
1p,Gizmo,Uncontrolled Flying Object
1p,Bit Malicious,Ant1-P
1p,Bit Malicious,Gizmo
1p,Bit Malicious,Black Plastic
1p,Bit Malicious,Plastic B

Event Results / New Class of Bots
« on: March 04, 2016, 03:48:10 pm »
Hi Mike,
In Western Allied Robotics in the Seattle area- we started competing with a new class of 1 pound antweight plastic bots. The intent is to bring in more builders that may not have access to a shop and machines, but may have access to 3D printers. The class has quickly become popular in our area. I will be submitting the results of our last event (2016 NWMHE) soon to SPARC. I'm hoping this new class can be accommodated in Botrank. You will see (when I submit) I have listed above mentioned bots as 1 (plastic) in the formatted list. If you want a preview- I have posted it on the WAR FB page for comments/corrections before handing it over.
Doug Brown
Team DinoBots
Western Allied Robotics

Event Results / Barnes and Noble Maker Faire Munch
« on: November 17, 2015, 12:32:41 am »
Barnes and Noble Maker Faire Munch
1,Antsaurus,Mr. Twister                   
1,Pizza Cutter,Gizmo                         
1,Ant1,Underbyte 3.0
1,Antsaurus,Bit Vicious
1,Pizza Cutter,Angry Radish
1,ZipZap,Plastic B
1,Mr. Twister,Plastic B
1,Underbyte 3.0,Angry Radish
1,Antsaurus,Pizza Cutter
1,Mr. Twister,Gizmo
1,Bit Vicious,Underbyte 3.0                   
1,Pizza Cutter,Mr. Twister                 
1,Ant1,Bit Vicious
1,Pizza Cutter,Ant1
1,Pizza Cutter,ZipZap
1,Antsaurus,Pizza Cutter                 
3,Blue Thunder,Medow                 
3,Allosaurus,White Box                   
3,D2,Robot Fighter
3,Red Dragon,Chipload                     
3,Medow,White Box
3,Robot Fighter,Chipload                     
3,Allosaurus,Blue Thunder                   
3,Red Dragon,D2                 
3,Robot Fighter,Blue Thunder
3,Allosaurus,Red Dragon
3,Robot Fighter,D2                         
3,Red Dragon,Robot Fighter                                                                                         
3,Red Dragon,Allosaurus

Event Results / Re: Event Results Submission Guide
« on: September 28, 2015, 03:54:32 pm »
I had asked some time ago about submitting old event results. You answered, but could you clarify a bit? My understanding from the previous botrank admin was that the event submittal had to follow the format and had to be a complete fight-by-fight list or the ranking tool wouldn't work correctly. Is this still the case? In other words- if I take the results from a past event where only the final places are listed- will that work? Examples only-


Doug Brown
Western Allied Robotics

Event Results / 2015 Kenworthy Krunch
« on: September 23, 2015, 08:48:11 pm »

Kenworthy Krunch
1,Underbyte,Kitbot M
1,Underbyte,Ant1 Prototype
1,Bit Vicious,Microceratops
1,Vision#1,Angry Radish
1,Angry Penguin,Kit Bot E
1,Kit Bot M,Kit Bot E
1,Bit Vicious,Underbyte
1,Angry Penguin,Vision#1
1,Ant1 Prototype,Microceratops
1,Kit Bot M,Angry Radish
1,Bit Vicious,Angry Penguin
1,Kit Bot M,Underbyte
1,Vision#1,Ant1 Prototype
1,Kit Bot M,Vision#1
1,Kit Bot M,Angry Penguin
1,Bit Vicious,Kit Bot M
3,Robot Fighter,V3
3,LIL FART,Bacon Bit
3,Medow,New White Box
3,White Box,LIL FART
3,TeaBot,Bacon Bit
3,New White Box,V3
3,Allosaurus,Robot Fighter
3,Medow,White Box
3,D2,New White Box
3,D2, Robot Fighter
3,Melonballer,White Box

Doug Brown
Team DinoBots
Western Allied Robotics

The Kirkland Summer Fest event was replaced by the "Kenworthy Krunch". Same day, different place. Check details in Builders Database and please register. Hope to see you there!

Doug Brown

Team DinoBots

Event Results / Re: Event Results Submission Guide
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:49:58 pm »
What's up with the Botrank page?

Doug Brown
Team DinoBots

Event Results / Seattle Bot Battles 2015 results
« on: June 24, 2015, 04:08:26 pm »
Seattle Bot Battles 2015
1,ARB,Mission Control
1,Ant1 Prototype,Angry Radish
1,Microceratops,Purple Rain
1,Tiny Titan,Deep Purple
1,Bit Vicious,ARB
1,Dark Pounder,Ant1 Prototype
1,Microceratops,Dark Blade
1,Purple Rain,ARB
1,Ant1 Prototype,Vision#1
1,Dark Pounder,Bit Vicious
1,Tiny Titan,Underbite
1,Purple Rain,Ant1 Prototype
1,Tiny Titan,Microceratops
1,Underbite,Dark Blade
1,Bit Vicious,Purple Rain
1,Deep Purple,Purple Rain
1,Bit Vicious,Microceratops
1,Dark Pounder,Tiny Titan
1,Bit Vicious,Deep Purple
1,Bit Vicious,Tiny titan
1,Bit Vicious,Dark Pummeler
3,White Box,Mellonballer
3,Robot Fighter,TeaBot
3,D2,Dark Pummeler
3,White Box,Medow
3,Allosaurus,White Box
3,Robot Fighter,D2
3,Dark Pummeler,Mellonballer
3,Dark Pummeler,TeaBot
3,Robot Fighter,Allosaurus
3,Dark Pummeler,D2
3,White Box,Medow
3,Dark Pummeler,White Box
3,Allosaurus,Dark Pummeler
3,Allosaurus,Robot Fighter

WAR folks-
Please let me know if you see any errors or omissions.

Doug Brown
Team DinoBots

Event Videos / 2015 Seattle Bot Battles
« on: June 07, 2015, 06:03:33 pm »
Western Allied Robotics event held at the Seattle Center Armory (Center House)

Doug Brown
Team DinoBots
Western Allied Robotics

Event Results / Re: Event Results Submission Guide
« on: May 15, 2015, 03:08:25 pm »
I'm wondering if submitting event results from years past will become too time-consuming for whomever now deals with it? Should there be a cut-off date (year)? Also wondering if you have any suggestions- our org (WAR) stopped compiling event results in botrank format because Botrank wasn't processing them. Consequently we have several events that only captured top 3 places in each class. No comprehensive record of every bout. As I see it- I can either try to painstakingly review video and written records we have to capture each bout result, or just punt on that whole event(s). Any other options?

Doug Brown
Team DinoBots
Western Allied Robotics

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