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Title: 30lb Bot Build
Post by: 65fastbackmaniac on January 04, 2019, 05:12:57 pm
Iím getting a 30lb Combat bot ready for testing at Momo Con Robot Battles and possible water jetting parts and making a more permanent one for Dragon Con Robot Battles. I was planning on adding a weapon but the weight of the bot is already up to 20lb without the chain so it will probably not have any extra weight to add a weapon. The guts of the bot are bane robotics motors geared to 26:1 and 5Ē colson wheels with 19 teeth gears for #35 chain pressed in. The speed controller was going to be a Saber tooth 2x60 but I accidentally reversed the wires to the board and it no longer works so Iím looking at possibly switching to a rage bridge instead of getting another 2x60. Input on anyone that has used a rage bridge would be great, does it work good, does it give a reliable 5v supple to the receiver or will I still have to use a separate supply to power the receiver so it doesn't loose signal? The battery is going to either be a 4 cell 35c 5000mAh or 6 cell 50c 5200 mAh.