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Title: Big Electric Motors and other related parts
Post by: Nutball on September 18, 2017, 06:46:08 am
Hello all,

I've got a hand full of motors, well each motor is a hand full, that I've collected in the RC airplane hobby. I figure these would be great for fighting robot use after thinking up some of my own designs after watching battlebots. But, I'm about to start college, so I gotta fund that for now.

Most any of these motors would be great for spinning a 40-100lb blade if you don't burn up your batteries.

3x 6 pole inrunner brushless motors which might be able to peak up to 16HP: New to barely used, never mounted though, looking for about $100ea
56mm x 94mm 1200kv 50krpm you could risk up to 12s lipo roughly up to 80-150A 6kW continuous if well cooled
5694 800kv 50krpm you could risk up to 16s lipo roughly up to 80-120A 6kW continuous if well cooled

I also have a lot of 8Ah "30C" Lipo batteries with 10 cycles or less, little to no puffing, enough to make at least 16Ah 16s out of 6s and 4s packs, also have 2s packs. These are great lipos, but as I've found with most brands, the 30C rating is a burst output, continuous is more like 10C to avoid 120 degrees F which will cause them to puff. Around $500 for the lot

If the batteries go, I have a low use double "400W" turnigy charger, one side is not calibrated properly, so it charges slower, but still works fine. They shouldn't be pushed to 400W, maybe 300W max each. It comes with a recycled 65A 12v server switching power supply $120

I have a couple used 6374 14 pole outrunners, a 170kv, and 149kv which might go to 65v (16s lipo) about $60ea, one has a lot of scratches, but both are in great functional condition. The better one was on a powered mountain board.

I also have a few new 80mm 16 pole outrunners that will do around 4-5kW when cooled well on 40-60v, peak up to 10kW on 16s lipo $175

And one big 95kv 12090 28 pole outrunner 8kW continuous, 15kW 30 second burst, 8000rpm max. Low use, it has been mounted and test run, and has a few minor dings. $285

I have some smaller motors too such as a 3548 900kv, and 4023 850kv, 90ozin servos, various heatsinks, battery/motor connectors, 14-8AWG wire.
ESC's too: a 45A 2-6s with 6.8-8.4v BEC, a 90A 2-8s with customized high power 6.8-8.4v BEC, 3-16s a couple 100A, &150A, one 250A

Let me know if interested, I'll be moving away in about 2 weeks

I remember I also have around 30 28mm motors 50-225W 900-1200kv, 2700kv, & 3500kv
Title: Re: Big Electric Motors and other related parts
Post by: Nutball on October 04, 2017, 06:35:02 am
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Title: Re: Big Electric Motors and other related parts
Post by: Ravi_B on October 20, 2017, 04:32:34 pm
Message me when you're back online.

(or email, Im not on SPARC much these days)