Historic Rankings represent BotRank's top ranked bots for each given month from the beginning of time. This is the only Historic Ranking. BotRank does not endorse or condone use of the term "of all time" when referring to historic scores or ranking. The environment for robot fighting, the quality of the opponents and the bot technology over time makes a "of all time" term impossible to make work.

60s pounds 150 grams 1 pound 1 (auto) 1 (plastic) 1 kg 3 pounds
3 (auto) 6 pounds 12 pounds 12s pounds 12 (tabletop) 15 pounds 30 pounds 30 (sport) 30 (tabletop) 60 pounds 120 pounds 220 pounds 250 pounds 340 pounds 390 pounds
Date's in bold indicate a month where an event happened that ran this weight class.