Historic Scores are not rankings. Please do not use 'scores' on this page
to represent the quality of a bot or use it with the phrase "of all time" of refer to
this as a "rank". Only Rank History placement should be used for historic rankings.

If I continue to see and hear "History Scores" used to define the
quality of a Bot I will simply remove the History Scores from BotRank.

<not a rank>1607.543798 Wedge of Doom4843/52005-03-24
<not a rank>1541.232004 Federal M.T.6650/162018-07-05
<not a rank>1442.531633 Wipe Out #24231/112005-11-12
<not a rank>1437.312866 The Big B8861/272013-04-19
<not a rank>1435.003853 Ground Zero4734/132006-04-08
<not a rank>1431.981752 UnMakerBot1715/22017-04-21
<not a rank>1420.815045 K25339/142017-04-21
<not a rank>1419.544117 Bob4030/102007-05-19
<not a rank>1400.055394 Goosfraba2822/62006-08-11
<not a rank>1387.159790 Hot Stuff2921/82013-04-19
<not a rank>1385.629412 Joe 2.01513/22006-08-11
<not a rank>1383.618893 West Side Glory (Slap Em Silly)3323/102005-03-24
<not a rank>1370.588237 Son of Whacky Compass1814/42007-06-15
<not a rank>1367.746587 Hexy Jr3623/132006-06-16
<not a rank>1366.411268 New Attitude2517/82005-11-12
<not a rank>1364.411777 Dr. Inferno Jr.1512/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1364.166891 Agsma6639/272009-06-12
<not a rank>1363.950295 Ziggo1613/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1357.623189 Mini Madd2518/72004-07-01
<not a rank>1355.641675 1st Abe Lincoln on the Moon4026/142005-09-17
<not a rank>1348.365264 Death by Monkeys4428/162010-04-23
<not a rank>1337.992288 Backlash3222/102004-07-01
<not a rank>1326.854710 Touro Light7245/272018-07-05
<not a rank>1324.902981 Biolho1712/52013-04-19
<not a rank>1324.588739 Texas Heat6237/252013-04-19
<not a rank>1324.287965 Orca2516/92006-04-08
<not a rank>1314.151190 Code:Black3322/112003-09-19
<not a rank>1311.310526 Black2515/102015-04-03
<not a rank>1309.901134 2EZ2315/82008-06-13
<not a rank>1308.937112 Bugalele2113/82017-04-21
<not a rank>1306.276953 Street Thug4929/202006-04-08
<not a rank>1300.909840 Pursuer1611/52003-01-02
<not a rank>1298.201500 point of impact87/12002-01-19
<not a rank>1296.919287 Son of Spam1912/72017-04-21
<not a rank>1295.831570 Asterion2516/92018-07-05
<not a rank>1294.418447 2X43924/152005-04-01
<not a rank>1293.309335 Blue2313/102015-04-03
<not a rank>1285.886274 Afterburner1410/42003-01-02
<not a rank>1284.832639 Hexy Jr.97/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1282.531728 The Brown Note86/22008-06-13
<not a rank>1281.242100 Come to Mama4928/212015-04-03
<not a rank>1279.241318 Gamma Raptor107/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1278.171741 Vortechs86/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1277.358711 Agora Sei44/02016-07-07
<not a rank>1277.353408 YU8124526/192004-11-26
<not a rank>1274.418904 Bigly117/42018-04-20
<not a rank>1274.324395 Sallad149/52002-05-19
<not a rank>1272.464338 Pea-nut & Pixie86/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1270.689492 Carnage Raptor86/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1270.491440 Defiant44/01997-08-15
<not a rank>1267.425520 Rambite107/32003-02-07
<not a rank>1265.106448 Pig Sticker75/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1265.013985 Hammer and Anvil86/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1260.704968 Burning Metal128/42003-02-07
<not a rank>1260.563128 Crazy Bumper75/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1259.210014 Spamalot64/22010-04-23
<not a rank>1258.376934 Wireless Wonder54/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1257.682154 Haz-Mat149/52003-10-25
<not a rank>1256.517061 Mr fun159/62005-07-02
<not a rank>1255.723568 Jo-Jo-Ma54/12003-04-05
<not a rank>1255.540639 O'Dominator96/32003-02-07
<not a rank>1255.406754 ricky ticky1610/62002-10-12
<not a rank>1255.189843 Patriot75/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1254.535207 Binary Finery54/12003-02-07
<not a rank>1253.533201 Sublime75/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1252.500000 The Julie-Bot33/01994-08-20
<not a rank>1251.968988 Spike II33/01997-08-15
<not a rank>1251.572145 Jo Mama96/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1250.852671 Alpha Raptor54/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1249.062816 Little Piece of Hate2011/92004-05-29
<not a rank>1248.264441 Shish KeBot75/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1248.242869 UGV Scorpion75/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1247.970057 Whirl Wep54/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1246.834952 Whirligig96/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1246.480274 Sawdust64/22007-05-19
<not a rank>1245.428148 Red 296/31997-08-15
<not a rank>1245.416186 no bull75/22002-01-19
<not a rank>1243.345963 Pitbull148/62013-04-19
<not a rank>1242.260084 Mini-Inferno64/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1239.891089 Scrap Daddy's Surplus43/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1238.414049 Serial Box Killer106/42002-05-19
<not a rank>1238.165924 Critical Condition64/22002-01-17
<not a rank>1237.807707 Doughboy43/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1237.652786 Red-Green43/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1237.621283 end effector43/12002-10-12
<not a rank>1237.495775 X-3064/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1237.274674 Little Whacko43/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1237.199981 Bob Smith64/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1236.710254 SCRAP178/92018-07-05
<not a rank>1236.018391 Polska KILL Basa43/12003-02-07
<not a rank>1235.698496 RoboMisDirection64/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1235.564170 Beta Raptor43/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1235.407855 Rugger43/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1235.208784 Wacker43/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1234.999338 Spike43/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1234.789804 Alien Raptor64/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1234.450068 Ominous Brick of Havoc43/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1234.390018 hazmat43/12002-10-12
<not a rank>1234.341095 Kassinator53/22009-06-12
<not a rank>1234.045778 Sucata do Agora Sei22/02018-07-05
<not a rank>1233.864593 Slomo III43/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1233.746119 Rambyte169/72005-09-17
<not a rank>1233.734743 Typhoon64/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1233.697214 Crusher106/42003-05-04
<not a rank>1233.593206 VD4.0126/62005-06-04
<not a rank>1233.276431 The Prosecutor43/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1232.694666 Carnivore22/01997-08-15
<not a rank>1232.670890 Tastes Like Burning95/42018-04-20
<not a rank>1232.622631 Carolina Campos morena zoios de jabuticaba linda e sensual53/22017-04-21
<not a rank>1232.342865 Widowmaker 243/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1231.924884 Agent 72713/142007-07-21
<not a rank>1231.594820 The Archduke43/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1230.333763 jojo85/32002-10-12
<not a rank>1229.650058 Toe-Crusher32/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1229.091424 Locomotion64/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1229.043527 Wiped Out95/42004-10-08
<not a rank>1228.856920 Cuda Spawn2312/112004-05-29
<not a rank>1227.582332 Mokarran95/42005-04-01
<not a rank>1227.433364 Matts Bammer1810/82004-10-08
<not a rank>1226.591883 Strawberry Alarm Clock85/32006-07-22
<not a rank>1226.308761 Conniption2513/122007-06-15
<not a rank>1226.257191 Buttercup74/32003-08-30
<not a rank>1226.200746 MC353/22003-04-05
<not a rank>1226.116632 C53/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1225.887338 Electric Gnome53/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1224.928666 SpinnerBait Jr.2613/132015-04-03
<not a rank>1223.827518 CrazyBumper 3.032/12014-07-17
<not a rank>1222.643157 masSACre Lite53/22017-04-21
<not a rank>1222.057570 Captain Hook53/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1221.902343 Skid Mark53/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1220.636936 Bonesaw 2.153/22004-01-30
<not a rank>1220.584130 Peanut116/52004-07-01
<not a rank>1219.043425 Bad Grammar 2.474/32003-05-24
<not a rank>1218.928325 Low Blow53/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1218.812611 Herr Gepounden3013/172017-04-21
<not a rank>1218.698071 NPC11/02003-04-05
<not a rank>1218.653321 falcon32/12001-06-02
<not a rank>1218.607413 Smak Jr.32/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1218.545712 Tentoumushi105/52002-05-19
<not a rank>1218.541294 Little Engine That Killed32/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1218.521970 wedge wood95/42002-10-12
<not a rank>1218.176677 Dark Steel53/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1217.772824 Afterthought74/32001-11-04
<not a rank>1217.739911 Sabretooth 6.02412/122015-04-03
<not a rank>1217.737682 Bulldog2010/102012-04-20
<not a rank>1217.573736 Evil Fish Tank32/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1217.500000 Ragin Scotsman11/02013-04-19
<not a rank>1217.500000 Snow Flake11/02001-05-22
<not a rank>1217.500000 Sabotage32/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1217.500000 The Rat11/01997-08-15
<not a rank>1217.500000 Fishstick11/01997-08-15
<not a rank>1217.500000 Bite Me32/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1217.500000 P.A.T.11/01996-08-16
<not a rank>1217.500000 Andy Roid32/11994-08-20
<not a rank>1217.481057 K32/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1217.480275 X232/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1217.441507 NT-432/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1217.167425 Cast Iron Pig74/32003-01-02
<not a rank>1217.063114 Mini-G32/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1217.024452 Swinger32/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1216.932991 X732/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1216.932307 Melvin32/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1216.894269 Whirl Wep X2532/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1216.669552 Rambyte 3.053/22003-05-04
<not a rank>1216.661800 Little Blue Pill32/12005-05-07
<not a rank>1216.586921 Bacalaito53/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1216.364572 Vermicious Kenid32/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1216.363931 Pretty Hate Machine32/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1216.344867 Mantis32/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1216.326486 Gator32/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1216.325164 Recycler32/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1216.127248 Shippo53/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1216.106655 Mad Cow's Revenge74/32003-04-12
<not a rank>1215.952323 Tsunami light53/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1215.883764 Basenji11/02002-12-07
<not a rank>1215.778410 brave little toast32/12001-06-02
<not a rank>1215.494703 Die Metalschlampe53/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1215.449875 Hadoouuu Ken42/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1215.380308 Project Y.A.W.N.32/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1215.290898 SOL53/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1215.233046 SlamDancer32/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1215.231800 Blood Dragon32/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1215.175133 Junkyard Dog32/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1215.156259 I-Will-Smack-U32/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1214.810920 Das Bot95/42002-05-19
<not a rank>1214.590204 Sisyphus53/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1214.221771 Trilobot74/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1213.561837 Blood Moon53/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1213.117184 Fly Speck II53/22006-07-22
<not a rank>1213.079047 Scrap342/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1212.565522 Janis42/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1212.098969 spin cycle74/32002-01-19
<not a rank>1211.715217 SnowFlake105/52003-03-08
<not a rank>1210.557383 Halfpipe42/22003-09-19
<not a rank>1209.476202 Cleprechaun's Return73/42005-07-02
<not a rank>1209.268071 Root Hawg or Die!42/22003-07-04
<not a rank>1209.145458 Great Pumpkin42/22009-06-12
<not a rank>1209.133686 J.R.C.V.84/42004-07-01
<not a rank>1207.985582 Wanna Go?42/22017-04-21
<not a rank>1207.868369 Mrs. Plow42/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1207.819944 K942/22015-04-03
<not a rank>1207.284704 Puff C0521/12005-05-21
<not a rank>1207.152594 Puff CO442/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1207.120386 Rotato189/92008-10-18
<not a rank>1207.027004 Vaca Light21/12015-10-30
<not a rank>1206.384888 Lucifer's Footstool42/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1206.272226 Cáragor42/22018-07-05
<not a rank>1205.760090 Shrike42/22001-05-22
<not a rank>1205.609085 The Wacky Compass21/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1205.484190 Who Cares?42/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1205.317288 OZ42/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1205.013229 VD3x273/42011-04-15
<not a rank>1204.999144 Tetanus42/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1204.851109 HammerHead42/22001-05-22
<not a rank>1204.645302 Junkyard Dog 2.021/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1204.574647 Carnage21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1204.128118 Wurst Nightmare42/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1203.921084 Kenn's Revenge21/12003-10-25
<not a rank>1203.830873 parallax63/32002-06-22
<not a rank>1203.668793 Jubibot42/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1203.544642 Sabão de Coco73/42018-07-05
<not a rank>1203.299996 Robo Master63/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1203.285454 Orion Light94/52018-07-05
<not a rank>1202.814558 C321/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1202.779835 Scrub21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1202.547927 Toe Crusher63/32001-11-04
<not a rank>1202.433861 Bad Habit42/22001-05-22
<not a rank>1202.312381 Bad Grammar 3.042/22003-08-30
<not a rank>1202.204562 DragonFly105/52003-10-25
<not a rank>1201.679720 KMM42/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1201.664433 centipede42/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1201.567603 black plague105/52002-06-22
<not a rank>1201.441284 RIP157/82015-10-30
<not a rank>1201.318718 Space Madness84/42002-12-07
<not a rank>1201.216636 Wobblygoblin42/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1201.135428 Malice21/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1201.133718 No Tolerance III42/22001-05-22
<not a rank>1201.080952 Endotherm21/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1201.003958 Little Trouble73/42005-03-24
<not a rank>1200.694788 Irrigator42/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1200.657197 Mr. Squeaky42/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1200.589376 The Fishstick from Guam21/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1200.587418 Cooks21/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1200.567714 Buford T. Pusser21/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1200.549329 Enforcer21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1200.547452 Grunt Force21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1200.547414 Bad News21/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1200.542264 Reaper42/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1200.424527 plasma plus21/12007-05-19
<not a rank>1200.236472 Battallaxx II42/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1200.056573 Scrap Daddy LW5521/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1200.038789 BatRay21/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1200.037510 Widowmaker21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1200.000000 Wedgehawg21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1200.000000 IDIC21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1200.000000 tome21/12001-06-02
<not a rank>1200.000000 Mouser21/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1200.000000 Spiny Norman42/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1200.000000 Buzzcut21/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1200.000000 Bot Will Eat Itself21/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1200.000000 My Little Pony21/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1200.000000 Yo Mama21/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1200.000000 Black Sheep II21/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1200.000000 Pain Mower21/11994-08-20
<not a rank>1199.980937 Biggus21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1199.980296 Learning Curve21/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1199.980275 Webster21/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1199.675291 Wedge-O-Matic63/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1199.664547 The Robot Formerly Known as O'Dominator42/22008-06-13
<not a rank>1199.450669 Scrap Metal21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1199.450669 Shish-Ka-Bot21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1199.437429 mini mer42/22002-06-22
<not a rank>1199.432307 The WOK21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1199.432286 Steel Magnolia21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1199.413243 Helmie The Robot21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1199.412582 Bust-O-Matic21/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1199.412582 BuddleStomper21/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1199.412582 Half Ass N Random21/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1199.412582 Black Warrior21/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1199.412582 Silver Bullet21/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1199.412582 Grunion21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1199.412582 Flatbot21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1199.412582 Missing Link21/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1199.396490 Bad Grammar42/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1199.392880 Whirling Willy21/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1199.361289 Crashius Clay63/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1198.943585 Death Ray115/62002-12-07
<not a rank>1198.938452 Cassowari21/12018-04-20
<not a rank>1198.918270 Major Divot21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1198.917469 Fang63/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1198.903654 Manta21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1198.863931 Aggravated Assault42/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1198.846124 Spin Reaper21/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1198.837652 OddBall42/22003-03-08
<not a rank>1198.807510 Poink21/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1198.409073 Jack The Flipper42/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1198.351190 Chimera 2.042/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1198.307245 Bad JuJu42/22003-04-05
<not a rank>1198.277771 Daisy42/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1197.999754 General Gau63/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1197.735459 Manic Aggressive42/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1197.551160 Collision73/42003-09-19
<not a rank>1197.541482 Awesom-O42/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1196.670152 Bait42/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1195.675933 Bad Buzzard168/82003-09-19
<not a rank>1195.534891 Matts Slammer52/32005-06-04
<not a rank>1195.413411 Porcupine42/22003-05-24
<not a rank>1193.662469 Mini-Ginsu31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1192.937522 The Coyote31/22004-10-08
<not a rank>1192.914189 Cleprechaun73/42006-06-16
<not a rank>1192.911990 Little Black Box73/42007-05-19
<not a rank>1192.911644 GLaDOS31/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1192.554372 Mini G31/22003-03-04
<not a rank>1191.486534 Trilobyte31/22005-07-02
<not a rank>1190.241048 Tactic31/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1189.423182 The Crusher52/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1189.359716 Old No. 773/42007-06-15
<not a rank>1188.874873 VD431/22009-06-12
<not a rank>1188.690820 Hitter31/22016-07-07
<not a rank>1188.282486 baby gouda73/42002-10-12
<not a rank>1188.200246 Gekko31/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1187.960866 Homer2813/152008-06-13
<not a rank>1187.836122 Spectre31/22011-10-29
<not a rank>1187.699411 Dark Matter10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1187.621927 Slight Inconveniencer31/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1187.206375 C.E.D.31/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1187.055889 Rusty Nail31/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1186.575619 1st and 2nd Place31/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1186.546638 Some Parts52/32003-02-07
<not a rank>1186.510437 Tire Bot31/22011-10-29
<not a rank>1186.449994 Loco Pidgeon73/42003-05-04
<not a rank>1186.412535 Shockwave52/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1186.302038 Agsma 231/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1185.941391 Rampage31/22000-11-19
<not a rank>1185.852761 Land Mine52/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1185.800521 That Yellow Mouse31/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1185.633336 K-torze2611/152018-07-05
<not a rank>1185.599333 Claymore94/52008-06-13
<not a rank>1185.369197 DracUCLA10/12015-04-03
<not a rank>1185.313435 Point of Destruction31/22005-06-04
<not a rank>1185.102569 can opener 231/22002-10-12
<not a rank>1184.953289 Tosh.031/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1184.783588 Bambino52/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1184.747140 Concretor31/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1184.739997 Rambite 2.010/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1184.692218 Fuzzy31/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1184.660437 Firestorm31/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1184.330122 MisDirection31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1184.297108 Egg Plant31/22004-11-26
<not a rank>1184.255344 Big Stick31/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1184.236206 Mouser Classic10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1184.227767 Kernel Klink10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1184.120856 Triple-X31/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1183.813764 TKO31/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1183.773396 Mouser Mecha Catbot115/62015-04-03
<not a rank>1183.768026 HazMatXD31/22004-07-01
<not a rank>1183.692490 Blood Moon Mark II10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1183.653876 Shish-Ka-Bot 1.110/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.582872 Overwelming Force-5910/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.578727 Manic Aggressive 2.010/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1183.541427 Claw Reaper10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.129492 Scorpioid10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.122387 PitBot10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.106482 No Tolerance II31/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1183.087418 Mad Cow10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Road Dot10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Double Secret Probation10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Aries10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Diamondback10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Froghemoth10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Hobgoblin LTD10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Bad Bone10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Unlicensed Chiropractor10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Doomsday Machine10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Brain Mold10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.087418 Triple Redundancy10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1183.087418 Spiked Master II10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1183.087418 PAT10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1183.086096 Pestilence31/22001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.086096 Shaft31/22001-05-22
<not a rank>1183.084291 Death Dispenser31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1183.073126 Chewy10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1183.067714 Spwack10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.067693 Ramming Speed31/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1183.067036 Snowcone10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.014401 Knucklehead10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.014342 Ack-Ack!31/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1183.013748 Spinnin Madd73/42003-10-25
<not a rank>1182.995634 Stryker31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1182.902137 Hati10/12016-07-07
<not a rank>1182.747884 Fudge Blow31/22005-06-04
<not a rank>1182.719845 Tou10/12014-07-17
<not a rank>1182.603853 GutterRunner31/22003-01-02
<not a rank>1182.602075 Sparky v3.031/22005-03-24
<not a rank>1182.594422 Bayou Bangle31/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.578253 Spunky31/22006-04-08
<not a rank>1182.556834 Paladin31/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.541384 can opener31/22002-06-22
<not a rank>1182.538745 Razor Back31/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.503706 Lobotmizer10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500662 Misantrhrobot X210/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Little Bill31/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 Ferras10/12013-04-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 BrewBot10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 The Raven10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Tsunami10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Repeat Offender10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Ramming Speed II10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Gig'em Bot10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 The Toy10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Havoc10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Blue Vixen10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Sharkicide10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Mid-Evil Mower10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Sawulator10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Hyperkeil10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 TDM10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Baby Bear10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Scorned10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Flying Brick10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Bot Product10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Osirus10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Gerbilov10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 Killer Stash10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 SupercaliBotulistic10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 Vermicous Kenid10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 Little Wicked10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 T.D.M.10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 She Fights Like A Girl10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 loki10/12001-06-02
<not a rank>1182.500000 Tantrum10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Frozen Toast10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Chunky 35710/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Archangel10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Botulistic10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Texas Stampede10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Godtilla10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Deviation Response10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Weed Wacker10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Nicebot10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 A Bot Named Sue10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Aeon 0010/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Mr. Snooglepuss10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 The Midnight Project10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1182.500000 Stewbot10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Sublime 210/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Alien 210/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Lambo10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Misanthrobot10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Thump10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Killjoy10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Son of Body Parts10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Double Cross10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Zugzwang10/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 Gremlin II10/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1182.500000 Thorn10/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1182.500000 Cereal Box Killer10/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1182.500000 The Aggressive Polygon10/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1182.500000 Rott Bott 200010/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1182.500000 ChiaBot10/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1182.500000 Disposeable Hero10/12000-06-09
<not a rank>1182.500000 Finagler10/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.500000 Agressor10/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.500000 No Love10/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.500000 The Grinch10/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.500000 The Little Green10/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.500000 Slomo IV10/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1182.500000 Lorena10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Roach10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Spiny Norman III10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Spunkey Munkey10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Gigan10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 WYSIWYG10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Draggon Waggin10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Mad Dog10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Edgar the Hate Bug10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Arsenic10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 Nezumi10/11996-08-16
<not a rank>1182.500000 TMZ - light10/11994-08-20
<not a rank>1182.500000 Slow-Mo10/11994-08-20
<not a rank>1182.500000 Zomo10/11994-08-20
<not a rank>1182.500000 Satoru Special10/11994-08-20
<not a rank>1182.480937 tosca31/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1182.480275 The Pipe10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.480275 The Axecutioner10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.480275 Whirl Wep - EEL Brain10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.480275 Dialmondback10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1182.460594 Son of a Beast10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1182.444273 Viking Berserker52/32005-09-17
<not a rank>1182.427158 Quarter Pounder31/22003-04-12
<not a rank>1182.425744 Delta 210/12000-11-19
<not a rank>1182.261053 Modern Day Catastrophist94/52007-07-21
<not a rank>1182.254854 The Big Bologna31/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1182.210660 Toxic Dart31/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1182.195834 Bad Dog62/42010-04-23
<not a rank>1182.085701 Xenogenesis31/22008-06-13
<not a rank>1182.024737 Deep 631/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1181.988780 Little Hater31/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.969699 Twist of Fate10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.932286 Mighty Mouse10/12002-01-17
<not a rank>1181.932286 None Shall Pass10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1181.912582 The Phreak10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.912582 Screamin' Demon10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.912582 Rama Lama Ding Bot10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1181.912582 401(k)10/12001-11-04
<not a rank>1181.912582 SlomoIV10/11997-08-15
<not a rank>1181.892880 La Betail (Beh tie')10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.685618 The Rutt Factor104/62009-06-12
<not a rank>1181.620895 Little Devil10/12003-07-04
<not a rank>1181.579872 D431/22003-07-04
<not a rank>1181.561539 Kuzmanator31/22010-04-23
<not a rank>1181.543113 Evil Squirrel52/32003-02-07
<not a rank>1181.522341 Offroad Destroyer10/12010-04-23
<not a rank>1181.476213 doomsday31/22002-06-22
<not a rank>1181.421694 Helichopter10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.384255 Rhode Hog52/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.365720 Chimera Mk. II10/12002-05-19
<not a rank>1181.346124 Headtrimmer10/12001-05-22
<not a rank>1181.235653 Ajax31/22016-07-07
<not a rank>1181.122507 Aquiles2611/152018-07-05
<not a rank>1181.056407 Dark Steel (Stainless)31/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1180.931660 Thwack31/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1180.863600 Ruiner31/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1180.306029 Troublemaker31/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1180.115153 Mrs Plow73/42018-04-20
<not a rank>1179.861303 Insomnia104/62004-07-01
<not a rank>1179.764953 Guillotine166/102015-04-03
<not a rank>1176.295633 Terrible Toos20/22015-04-03
<not a rank>1175.434670 Ghetto Blaster177/102012-04-20
<not a rank>1174.948771 S.T.O.W.D20/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1174.874141 Vitamin D62/42011-04-15
<not a rank>1173.683652 Zephyr62/42004-08-14
<not a rank>1173.141531 Frosty the Snowbot20/22009-12-19
<not a rank>1172.873778 Disruptor20/22007-05-19
<not a rank>1172.125137 Two Chicks at the Same Time20/22010-04-23
<not a rank>1172.066567 Bruiner of Worlds20/22009-06-12
<not a rank>1172.049743 Syntax Error20/22017-04-21
<not a rank>1172.049051 Fluffy Jr.20/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1171.914069 ThunderWave41/32003-03-04
<not a rank>1171.122111 Magically Malicious20/22003-01-02
<not a rank>1170.535999 mini pharma62/42002-01-19
<not a rank>1170.234193 Lobotomizer20/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1170.162691 Trembly20/22004-11-26
<not a rank>1170.044418 FSS GUKAL20/22007-06-15
<not a rank>1169.797346 Pirinah 120/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1169.773147 Can Openner20/22003-04-05
<not a rank>1169.611471 Killabyte20/22005-09-17
<not a rank>1169.591530 Revolving Pieces of Metal (RPM)20/22010-04-23
<not a rank>1169.473857 Ragnar20/22018-07-05
<not a rank>1169.400136 No Luv41/32003-02-07
<not a rank>1169.110719 Bonesaw20/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1169.055897 Scrap Daddy Surplus20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1168.920166 Michelin Pilot20/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1168.832976 Herr Gepo62/42008-06-13
<not a rank>1168.650036 CR-30W & Wedge20/22011-10-29
<not a rank>1168.420829 Green Dragon41/32001-05-22
<not a rank>1168.298697 Macrophage62/42003-08-30
<not a rank>1168.253036 Snack money20/22018-07-05
<not a rank>1168.210077 Slyder20/22004-07-01
<not a rank>1168.163177 SupaZero20/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1168.113326 Y-chromosome 1.220/22004-01-30
<not a rank>1168.096700 Rambyte 4.020/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1167.941630 Mecha-Chu20/22004-08-14
<not a rank>1167.917909 Smack Daddy20/22015-04-03
<not a rank>1167.782488 Slap Em Silly20/22005-11-12
<not a rank>1167.568293 RUNT20/22003-01-02
<not a rank>1167.567257 I-81220/22005-05-21
<not a rank>1167.534932 bad cheese41/32002-10-12
<not a rank>1167.417284 Prosecutor20/22004-07-01
<not a rank>1167.285841 Botilla the Hun20/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1167.192745 Attack Wedge62/42003-04-05
<not a rank>1167.127883 Medieval Destruction20/22004-05-29
<not a rank>1166.732234 Wham! Bam!41/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1166.721653 Chimera20/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1166.699220 Tweek20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1166.696690 Furby's Revenge20/22003-01-02
<not a rank>1166.680276 Thwonkis Mobilis20/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1166.648047 MDO120/22017-12-07
<not a rank>1166.595026 Freddie Freeloader20/22006-09-09
<not a rank>1166.317367 Pea-nut20/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1166.273062 Metal Gear20/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1166.232834 Oakheart41/32013-04-19
<not a rank>1166.173514 punk rank20/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1166.172855 Nsyncerator20/22001-11-04
<not a rank>1166.155133 Cold Steel20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1166.134810 Tiki Fire20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1166.075477 Pinchy62/42003-04-12
<not a rank>1165.871689 HyperActive20/22015-04-03
<not a rank>1165.867900 K-Bhot20/22011-04-15
<not a rank>1165.826977 AVD20/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1165.694413 Robomination41/32005-03-24
<not a rank>1165.688416 A Clear and Present Danger20/22003-05-04
<not a rank>1165.625585 Hacker20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.604652 sparafucile20/22002-01-19
<not a rank>1165.587418 ACME Surplus Fighting Robot20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1165.587418 Cold Chisel20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1165.587418 Undertow20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1165.585996 D320/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1165.567714 Alpha Crusader20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1165.558127 Fugão20/22016-07-07
<not a rank>1165.548630 Monarch41/32003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.547968 Small Bite20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.247891 Miss Demeaner20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.223006 The Black Death51/42006-04-08
<not a rank>1165.221454 Roacheon20/22009-06-12
<not a rank>1165.148287 Sabão de Coco com Agente Ativo20/22018-07-05
<not a rank>1165.103695 Quebec's Tornado20/22006-06-16
<not a rank>1165.097703 Gorange20/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1165.095036 Son of Chameleon20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.045939 Crash Kart20/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1165.020786 Danger Zone20/22002-12-07
<not a rank>1165.019659 T.U.S.K.20/22002-05-19
<not a rank>1165.000000 Defib20/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1165.000000 Cortana20/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1165.000000 Terror20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1165.000000 fallen20/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1165.000000 Destructomatic20/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1165.000000 Bad Monkey20/21997-08-15
<not a rank>1164.956187 Eye Poker20/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1164.923808 Big-Bolla20/22012-04-20
<not a rank>1164.900086 AGSMA 2.020/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1164.824845 Free Hugs20/22009-06-12
<not a rank>1164.667039 dot20/22006-09-09
<not a rank>1164.623410 BarbyJeep20/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1164.596021 tusk41/32002-10-12
<not a rank>1164.581735 Warranty Void if Broken v220/22004-02-20
<not a rank>1164.527076 Shekeil20/22003-02-07
<not a rank>1164.480876 squid weird20/22002-06-22
<not a rank>1164.447487 Iron Giant20/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1164.439955 Hades20/22014-07-17
<not a rank>1164.432307 capstone crusher20/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1164.318511 MPP20/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1164.300799 Fus Ro Dah20/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1164.133347 ToothFairy20/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1164.113236 Midieval Destruction20/22003-07-04
<not a rank>1164.061724 The Axemaster20/22010-04-23
<not a rank>1164.005699 The 4th Horseman30/32006-08-11
<not a rank>1163.976406 Fluffy41/32003-04-05
<not a rank>1163.921025 Sudden Impact20/22002-01-17
<not a rank>1163.811890 Ankle Biter20/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1163.500805 BIG RED HAMMER20/22013-04-19
<not a rank>1163.454890 Chupacabra20/22003-01-02
<not a rank>1163.372281 bad grammer20/22002-06-22
<not a rank>1163.056223 Shimakaze20/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1162.944661 Wedgie20/22018-04-20
<not a rank>1162.848779 TapOut20/22004-03-20
<not a rank>1160.045108 Killer Moose124/82005-07-02
<not a rank>1159.574330 The Droogosh135/82004-10-08
<not a rank>1158.384802 V for Victory197/122018-04-20
<not a rank>1158.367731 Speed Bump145/92004-11-26
<not a rank>1158.228527 Hans Frei Telephone Operator to the Stars!51/42004-03-20
<not a rank>1155.419097 Turtle and Slammer51/42015-04-03
<not a rank>1155.306045 DeLo51/42006-06-16
<not a rank>1154.706347 Little Kahuna72/52012-10-20
<not a rank>1154.695155 Dracolich51/42003-01-02
<not a rank>1153.865436 Cornholio103/72018-04-20
<not a rank>1153.165927 BlueHornet 60#51/42005-07-02
<not a rank>1152.724525 Titanium Joe51/42004-02-20
<not a rank>1152.586287 Sparky72/52004-05-29
<not a rank>1152.567885 grunt51/42002-06-22
<not a rank>1152.359755 Purple Haze30/32006-04-08
<not a rank>1152.273766 snipe30/32002-06-22
<not a rank>1152.237151 ReticBot51/42003-05-04
<not a rank>1151.644757 Dark Ripper30/32018-04-20
<not a rank>1151.571311 Doublecross93/62003-05-24
<not a rank>1149.792494 A.W.O.L.30/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1149.771745 Malice Aforethought30/32004-03-20
<not a rank>1149.757737 Dude of Destruction93/62004-03-20
<not a rank>1149.335822 Miss Dee Meaner30/32003-05-04
<not a rank>1148.846109 Bedlam30/32005-05-07
<not a rank>1148.773076 Rolling Blackout72/52004-03-20
<not a rank>1148.673514 Scrappy30/31997-08-15
<not a rank>1148.655133 Ziggy30/31997-08-15
<not a rank>1148.249527 High Plains Drifter51/42004-08-14
<not a rank>1148.087418 Robot X30/32002-05-19
<not a rank>1146.469376 Electric Yard Gnome Supremacy61/52015-04-03
<not a rank>1143.777008 Leather Face82/62006-07-22
<not a rank>1143.205765 Coroner134/92013-04-19
<not a rank>1140.289140 Tough Love40/42012-04-20
<not a rank>1140.199350 DrEAD82/62013-04-19
<not a rank>1137.277850 Little Punch40/42003-03-04
<not a rank>1137.091505 Talon82/62003-04-05
<not a rank>1136.106500 hug of death40/42002-10-12
<not a rank>1135.846873 Skidmark40/42002-12-07
<not a rank>1135.763060 Tremor40/42017-04-21
<not a rank>1135.268099 Bit-O-Sweet71/62006-06-16
<not a rank>1134.524793 Llamakazi102/82006-05-20
<not a rank>1134.392495 War Pig40/42018-04-20
<not a rank>1133.985647 Black Widow40/42000-06-09
<not a rank>1133.046325 Blondie40/42003-04-05
<not a rank>1132.854932 Rim Tin Tin40/42002-05-19
<not a rank>1131.684482 Ventilator82/62003-07-04
<not a rank>1131.284230 Detassler40/42003-04-05
<not a rank>1130.128559 death on steroids40/42002-10-12
<not a rank>1129.588062 Tiger50/52018-07-05
<not a rank>1129.183209 MoonBeam40/42003-04-05
<not a rank>1128.377363 Pneusance186/122007-05-05
<not a rank>1128.241056 Rocket113/82018-04-20
<not a rank>1127.556145 Crocbot4015/252007-06-15
<not a rank>1122.884446 Spear-It of Detroit113/82003-05-24
<not a rank>1121.773486 Devils Advocate50/52007-06-15
<not a rank>1120.997310 UBruined144/102014-05-04
<not a rank>1120.965493 Question Wedge71/62013-04-19
<not a rank>1118.095733 Eric The Red50/52003-02-07
<not a rank>1117.200175 Devil's Advocate123/92008-05-03
<not a rank>1116.692115 Amish Rebellion102/82004-07-01
<not a rank>1115.941113 Whack!102/82006-06-16
<not a rank>1108.721064 Uh Oh!81/72005-07-02
<not a rank>1068.807350 Sargent Flogger90/92005-04-01
<not a rank>1048.198710 Medulla Oblongata225/172005-07-02