Historic Scores are not rankings. Please do not use 'scores' on this page
to represent the quality of a bot or use it with the phrase "of all time" of refer to
this as a "rank". Only Rank History placement should be used for historic rankings.

If I continue to see and hear "History Scores" used to define the
quality of a Bot I will simply remove the History Scores from BotRank.

<not a rank>1414.624291 MidEvil3728/92007-05-19
<not a rank>1345.306370 mad mer1713/42002-10-12
<not a rank>1313.677274 Psychotic Reaction2817/112003-10-25
<not a rank>1301.242889 kumite108/22002-10-12
<not a rank>1270.622638 TriFecta44/02003-09-19
<not a rank>1269.415410 Bug Bite3117/142007-05-19
<not a rank>1261.810163 new cruelty107/32002-01-19
<not a rank>1250.616606 maximus96/32002-10-12
<not a rank>1249.804916 tortoise159/62002-10-12
<not a rank>1235.000000 rhino43/12001-06-02
<not a rank>1234.499303 son of whyachi64/22002-01-19
<not a rank>1233.049848 Super Megabyte43/12005-05-21
<not a rank>1202.172864 il duce21/12002-10-12
<not a rank>1202.124571 vortex42/22002-01-19
<not a rank>1200.000000 stinger21/12001-06-02
<not a rank>1200.000000 rex bot21/12001-06-02
<not a rank>1198.863348 OUCH!!21/12005-05-21
<not a rank>1198.371273 sugar plum63/32002-01-19
<not a rank>1188.393423 Son of Zeus31/22003-09-19
<not a rank>1186.916580 Rex31/22003-04-05
<not a rank>1184.565227 snuggles31/22002-10-12
<not a rank>1184.215099 digger231/22002-01-19
<not a rank>1182.782910 Twister73/42003-09-19
<not a rank>1182.500000 barbar31/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1182.500000 infinite number of monkeys31/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1181.344867 pharmapac52/32002-01-19
<not a rank>1180.897795 Marvin31/22003-10-25
<not a rank>1175.229829 wild child62/42002-10-12
<not a rank>1168.419025 Yurt-720/22005-05-21
<not a rank>1167.565576 apocalypse41/32002-10-12
<not a rank>1166.220734 paralizer pete20/22002-10-12
<not a rank>1166.017439 Abattoir20/22003-09-19
<not a rank>1165.567693 warrior wedge20/22002-01-19
<not a rank>1165.012939 dunwoody destroyer20/22002-06-22
<not a rank>1165.000000 comtal20/22001-06-02
<not a rank>1164.703810 SoW20/22003-09-19
<not a rank>1164.419827 Mithril20/22003-04-05
<not a rank>1163.396687 bad dawg20/22002-10-12
<not a rank>1154.640360 DeathHammer72/52003-10-25
<not a rank>1143.267378 Mangler61/52007-05-19
<not a rank>1141.169987 Jay144/102007-05-19
<not a rank>1133.408035 deadly 4 play40/42002-01-19
<not a rank>1133.097176 Hairy Vetch40/42005-05-21
<not a rank>1122.212304 threasher71/62002-10-12
<not a rank>1105.333537 thorr60/62002-06-22