Historic Scores are not rankings. Please do not use 'scores' on this page
to represent the quality of a bot or use it with the phrase "of all time" of refer to
this as a "rank". Only Rank History placement should be used for historic rankings.

If I continue to see and hear "History Scores" used to define the
quality of a Bot I will simply remove the History Scores from BotRank.

<not a rank>1285.231087 Uberclocker97/22014-09-01
<not a rank>1266.472555 Nyx65/12014-09-01
<not a rank>1218.654028 Bug Love Robot32/12014-09-01
<not a rank>1217.500000 System Crash11/02017-09-03
<not a rank>1217.500000 Beaver of Terror11/02017-09-03
<not a rank>1217.500000 I Can't Believe It's Not Overhaul11/02017-09-03
<not a rank>1217.500000 MikeReauxbot11/02016-09-04
<not a rank>1217.500000 Overbite11/02015-09-07
<not a rank>1217.500000 Atlas11/02017-05-28
<not a rank>1216.852569 Product Placement11/02016-09-04
<not a rank>1216.384601 Styx11/02015-09-07
<not a rank>1216.201073 Pusheen11/02016-09-04
<not a rank>1215.661468 Goliath11/02017-05-28
<not a rank>1214.707334 Pushy Grabber11/02017-05-28
<not a rank>1200.548630 Overthruster63/32014-09-01
<not a rank>1200.000000 Big Blue Saw Presents Jaws42/22013-09-02
<not a rank>1185.222898 Sabretooth10/12015-09-07
<not a rank>1184.835871 Waffle Flocka Fries Deluxe10/12014-09-01
<not a rank>1184.720080 Computer Integrated Destruction10/12015-09-07
<not a rank>1184.483958 Stick a Fork In It10/12016-09-04
<not a rank>1183.950250 Psyche10/12016-09-04
<not a rank>1183.173342 Pinocchio10/12016-09-04
<not a rank>1183.087418 Ventilator Mark 1.510/12015-09-07
<not a rank>1183.050003 Destroying Angel10/12015-09-07
<not a rank>1182.589025 The Magical Liopleurodon10/12016-09-04
<not a rank>1182.519725 Spanky10/12014-09-01
<not a rank>1182.500000 Flippy Mc Flip Face10/12017-09-03
<not a rank>1182.500000 Procrastination10/12017-09-03
<not a rank>1182.500000 Purple Saber Lizard10/12017-09-03
<not a rank>1182.500000 Beaverbot10/12016-09-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 Ruby Rose10/12015-09-07
<not a rank>1182.500000 Big Blue Saw Presents Flounder10/12014-09-01
<not a rank>1182.500000 Null Hypothesis31/22013-09-02
<not a rank>1182.500000 Bot With Lifty Things10/12017-05-28
<not a rank>1166.738105 Dandelion's Revenge41/32014-09-01
<not a rank>1165.000000 Trident20/22013-09-02
<not a rank>1165.000000 Mister Fun20/22013-09-02
<not a rank>1154.615994 Morrigan51/42017-05-28