Historic Scores are not rankings. Please do not use 'scores' on this page
to represent the quality of a bot or use it with the phrase "of all time" of refer to
this as a "rank". Only Rank History placement should be used for historic rankings.

If I continue to see and hear "History Scores" used to define the
quality of a Bot I will simply remove the History Scores from BotRank.

<not a rank>1539.027903 Humdinger 23129/22008-04-26
<not a rank>1471.904269 Humdinger3026/42007-05-05
<not a rank>1404.658348 Jostler 22017/32006-03-10
<not a rank>1391.987191 ShaBoomBox1615/12018-09-25
<not a rank>1373.466317 Chucker3521/142008-04-26
<not a rank>1333.037142 Executor2317/62013-05-18
<not a rank>1326.323331 UC377/02013-05-18
<not a rank>1320.065333 Pandemonium119/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1318.207912 Blinky5534/212007-05-05
<not a rank>1310.248989 Pixie1913/62013-05-18
<not a rank>1306.688832 Rhynex1410/42013-05-18
<not a rank>1304.279789 The Brain66/02011-05-21
<not a rank>1286.970296 Rattler 155/02014-05-04
<not a rank>1285.539818 Rugburn6437/272008-04-26
<not a rank>1285.512629 F1555/02006-05-19
<not a rank>1284.919715 Khaos97/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1283.538281 5 DAYS97/22017-05-20
<not a rank>1266.341618 Wedgey86/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1265.971663 Shake44/02016-09-11
<not a rank>1265.823236 Brick2213/92008-04-26
<not a rank>1258.938861 Bar Exam128/42012-02-18
<not a rank>1254.457474 Ramses75/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1252.772505 Seidenspinner54/12019-02-09
<not a rank>1249.533790 Kernal Panic54/12019-02-09
<not a rank>1241.446851 Animosity127/52018-07-14
<not a rank>1236.764554 Jack in the Box64/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1236.713309 Solidwork Rattler 264/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1236.017090 #WeWantSeason343/12017-05-20
<not a rank>1235.817434 InconceivaBULL64/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1235.580006 Sting WMD64/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1235.398816 Urubu64/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1235.269818 Rug Burn64/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1235.000000 Still N' Shock 222/02014-10-18
<not a rank>1234.850720 Isotelus Rex64/22017-07-29
<not a rank>1234.632894 No Remorse148/62008-04-26
<not a rank>1234.374433 Dooms Day64/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1234.006286 Frame Train64/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1232.807510 Fer Merica64/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1231.861511 Gladiator3114/172007-05-05
<not a rank>1225.699914 Slicey Dicey106/42019-02-09
<not a rank>1222.313350 KV53/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1222.228902 Semisonic53/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1221.789001 Flatliner53/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1221.402484 Aluma Threat53/22007-05-05
<not a rank>1221.123759 Revolver53/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1219.732551 Uppercut84/42008-04-26
<not a rank>1218.566857 Mega Nuke53/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1218.337574 Doppleganger137/62006-05-19
<not a rank>1218.221224 Clam Slam53/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1218.051340 G653/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1218.033754 Total Khaos53/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1217.386973 Ares95/42013-05-18
<not a rank>1217.232858 Catapult2010/102008-04-26
<not a rank>1216.911942 ASK Matt53/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1216.612004 Magnatron mk V553/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1216.529759 Northern Midget2010/102007-05-05
<not a rank>1216.367569 The Bull53/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1216.327295 Venom53/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1216.091633 MLR95/42014-05-04
<not a rank>1215.802336 Cow Catcher53/22007-03-31
<not a rank>1215.303635 Anatoly's Angel53/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1215.267829 Shake 195/42017-07-29
<not a rank>1212.598380 Death Star2412/122008-04-26
<not a rank>1206.841161 Clown Fiesta157/82017-12-02
<not a rank>1204.850497 Reburn42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1203.332138 The Midnight Rider42/22017-05-20
<not a rank>1202.699570 Spitfire42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1202.513386 Last Chance2412/122008-04-26
<not a rank>1202.200869 TBD42/22017-12-02
<not a rank>1202.049211 Darth Vador42/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1201.718273 Slab Crab42/22008-04-26
<not a rank>1201.258386 Still N' Tact42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1200.001331 GTO42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1200.000726 Balor42/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1200.000703 Genocide42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1200.000000 Floppy Wedge21/12014-10-18
<not a rank>1200.000000 Faye-Tality42/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1199.961211 Indestructa-BULL42/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1199.614809 Boomerang42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1199.540192 Still N' Shock42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1199.512960 Shove It42/22007-05-05
<not a rank>1199.432969 Son of Boelter42/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1199.430962 Wheelz42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1199.417478 D&D42/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1195.871424 Appa42/22018-07-14
<not a rank>1195.783638 MatchBox21/12018-07-14
<not a rank>1194.609561 Capitalistic Squid157/82006-10-14
<not a rank>1192.552706 Amida84/42007-05-05
<not a rank>1190.085110 Pox73/42008-04-26
<not a rank>1188.570158 Death Beth115/62007-03-31
<not a rank>1186.773483 Anonymous73/42011-05-21
<not a rank>1186.018714 Thomas31/22008-03-29
<not a rank>1185.605342 Slab Crab Revolutions31/22008-04-26
<not a rank>1184.753316 Screwed Up31/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1184.752121 Hell Razor31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1184.351156 Slab Crab Revolution31/22008-04-26
<not a rank>1184.024193 Sonic the Wedgehog157/82018-07-14
<not a rank>1183.660583 Spinner31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1183.653852 TEAM G.O.A.T.31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1183.642240 Under Kill31/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1183.636707 Requiem31/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1183.597319 Lone Survivor31/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1183.089532 Dark Magician31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1183.087418 WoeBot31/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1183.075186 Duck31/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1183.067693 TTATT31/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1183.029610 Axiom73/42011-05-21
<not a rank>1182.669141 IndestructaBULL31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1182.518402 Armageddon31/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1182.500000 Hello Kitty Friendship SUPRISE10/12014-10-18
<not a rank>1182.500000 Super Dumb Post Motorama Idea AR400 Edition10/12014-10-18
<not a rank>1182.500000 Narwhal10/12014-05-04
<not a rank>1182.500000 LOLcano V31/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1182.500000 Ironhide31/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1182.343500 Rugburn Reloaded209/112007-11-10
<not a rank>1182.095988 Anarchy31/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1181.933166 Matador31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1181.913243 The Red Devil31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1181.912582 Shockwave31/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1181.835031 Hyperion52/32019-02-09
<not a rank>1181.494546 Grand Slam31/22017-02-11
<not a rank>1181.344867 Son-of-a-Brick31/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1180.095071 Hacker62/42018-09-25
<not a rank>1179.105275 F-1373/42017-10-21
<not a rank>1178.207776 Construction Ahead31/22018-09-25
<not a rank>1172.720352 Junkyard Dog146/82007-05-05
<not a rank>1172.302243 Gnar Kill20/22008-03-29
<not a rank>1171.977314 Rocko20/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1171.920007 To The Roof62/42012-02-18
<not a rank>1171.461025 Billet135/82008-04-26
<not a rank>1170.459010 No Good62/42007-11-10
<not a rank>1170.244168 Jumbotron20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1169.787744 ACE and ATOM20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1169.483351 Terminator20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1169.371481 Dreadnaught20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1168.863375 Excessive Force20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1168.017967 Mad Cow Disease188/102018-07-14
<not a rank>1167.817012 Lolcano20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1166.155133 Bazinga20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1166.155133 Azetoth20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1166.155133 Modular Chaos20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1166.083138 Doomsday20/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1165.587418 Kolonel Khaos20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.587418 Difficult20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.587418 Insanium1520/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1165.587418 The Juggernaut20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1165.587418 Son of A Brick20/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1165.567714 Gentry Bot20/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1165.567076 The Rhino20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1165.424805 Mean Freak20/22006-02-04
<not a rank>1165.039474 Razor20/22008-03-29
<not a rank>1165.019985 Mastercam Sting 'EM20/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1165.019725 The Lemonator20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.019725 Apollo XXI20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.019702 Working Hard20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.000662 Steel Raptor20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1165.000000 Category 520/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 K.E.W.20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 Camaleon20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 The Streaker20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 Mjolnir20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 Contour20/22013-05-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 Assault and Battery20/22014-05-04
<not a rank>1165.000000 Grim Reaper III20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1165.000000 Combine of Carnage20/22011-05-21
<not a rank>1165.000000 Rocco20/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1165.000000 Vertical Horizons20/22011-02-18
<not a rank>1164.944287 Dumpster Diver20/22017-02-11
<not a rank>1164.748861 Beth20/22007-05-05
<not a rank>1164.470332 Under U20/22012-02-18
<not a rank>1163.925768 Gimp20/22006-05-19
<not a rank>1163.333827 Cuda6177/102008-04-26
<not a rank>1163.298766 Shibby Bot20/22006-03-10
<not a rank>1163.267025 Homewrecker41/32006-10-14
<not a rank>1161.742084 Blood Sweat & Gears93/62006-05-19
<not a rank>1159.330017 Pie51/42007-05-05
<not a rank>1158.021041 Toxic BARista125/72018-07-14
<not a rank>1157.252970 Operation Orange2410/142006-11-18
<not a rank>1154.825306 Da Box51/42008-02-09
<not a rank>1153.738746 H5N172/52007-05-05
<not a rank>1153.616531 Sassy Pants51/42019-02-09
<not a rank>1150.878794 Cuda 630/32007-10-13
<not a rank>1148.997423 Themis51/42019-02-09
<not a rank>1146.983500 The Brick51/42007-11-10
<not a rank>1143.735470 Murder Go Round61/52008-04-26
<not a rank>1138.227334 Nightshade155/102006-11-18
<not a rank>1138.063399 Saitama82/62018-07-14
<not a rank>1135.027677 Azzz Chewer166/102006-05-19
<not a rank>1134.797103 Bye40/42006-10-14
<not a rank>1132.666330 Big S40/42007-03-31
<not a rank>1130.334635 El Caja145/92018-07-14
<not a rank>1129.625261 Ace Of Spades40/42006-05-19
<not a rank>1117.183527 Hazard71/62007-12-08
<not a rank>1115.880493 Reloaded102/82008-04-26
<not a rank>1105.177409 Shake & Bake81/72018-07-14
<not a rank>1096.279441 Scraps112/92007-05-05
<not a rank>1095.693148 Pac Attack133/102007-05-05
<not a rank>1095.018066 Godzilla112/92018-09-25