Using the SPARC Documents

The SPARC Tournament Procedures, Match Rules, Judging Guidelines, and Robot Construction Specifications were created with the goal of balancing flexibility with consistency. They’re designed to allow for alteration to suit the specific nature of each event that is using them while also maintaining a reasonable baseline document so competitors can quickly and easily determine what differs between events.

When altering the documents to suit your event SPARC suggests the following procedure for clearly presenting the alterations that have been made.

A SPARC Compliant icon has been created to make it easy for competitors to identify when the SPARC documents have been used for the basis of an events ruleset. The icon is located at If you are posting your rules on a page that allows it then it is suggested that you place the SPARC Compliant icon at the top of the rules section.

Following that, a summary of any specific changes made to the rules/procedures should be posted. This summary can either spell out the changes or note where in each document alterations have been made.

This should be followed by links to the complete documents with any additions highlighted and a strikethrough on any portions of the document that are not being used.

If you have any questions on how to use or distribute these documents send an email to, comment on this post, or post on the SPARC Forum (